Edmunds.com Lists Top 10 High-Tech Car Safety Technologies

Edmunds.com Lists Top 10 High-Tech Car Safety Technologies


Edmunds.com Lists Top 10 High-Tech Car Safety Technologies

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — May 25, 2006 — Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and fatality for Americans. Automakers and their suppliers are continually developing and introducing new features that combat the most common — and most dangerous — causes of car accidents. In a recent study by TRW Automotive Inc., 74 percent of respondents said vehicle safety features and options are more important to them than they were five years ago.

Edmunds.com, the premier online resource for automotive information, today announces the top 10 safety technologies consumers should look for the next time they go car-shopping:

  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring — Sensors at the wheel trigger an audible warning or light (or both) on the instrument panel when air pressure is low. The National Highway Safety Administration requires that starting in the 2008 model year, every passenger vehicle weighing 10,000 pounds or less be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.
  2. Adaptive Cruise Control/Collision Mitigation — This new cruise control feature, employing sensors and radar, can adjust the throttle and brakes to keep the vehicle a safe distance from other traffic.
  3. Blind-Spot Detection/ Side-Assist/Collision Warning — To alert the driver to cars or objects in the blind spot during driving or parking, this warning system responds when the turn signal is used.
  4. Lane Departure Warning/Wake-You-Up Safety — Similar to the blind-spot/side-assist technology but with more range, this system judges an approaching vehicle's speed and distance to warn the driver of a potential danger in the next lane, and can warn the driver who drifts over the lane line.
  5. Rollover Prevention/Mitigation — This technology avoids potential rollovers by applying the brake and modulating the throttle as needed to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle.
  6. Occupant-Sensitive/Dual-Stage Airbags — Airbag deployment speed is based on the current occupant in each seat, as sensors take into account size, weight, seat belt usage, seating position, the presence of a child seat and vehicle speed.
  7. Emergency Brake Assist/Collision Mitigation — This technology recognizes when the driver makes a panic stop and applies additional quick brake pressure to help shorten the stopping distance.
  8. Adaptive Headlights/Night Vision Assist — Adaptive headlights turn to follow and illuminate the road in the direction of the vehicle as it turns, and night vision assist helps the driver see further down dark roads.
  9. Rearview Camera — This camera works with the navigation system to increase visibility during rearward motion such as parking and backing up.
  10. Emergency Response — Different emergencies require different responses. This system determines the necessary course of action and can turn on the interior lights, unlock doors, shut off the fuel flow, switch on hazard lights, disconnect the battery terminal from the alternator, and make crash details available to emergency personnel.

To learn more about these features, including the automakers that offer them and their prices, view the full article on Edmunds.com's Top 10 High-Tech Car Safety Technologies at http://www.edmunds.com/reviews/list/top10/114984/article.html.

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