Edmunds.com Announces Availability of Its Auto Resources - Anytime, Anywhere

Edmunds.com Announces Availability of Its Auto Resources - Anytime, Anywhere

Edmunds.com Announces Availability of Its Auto Resources - Anytime, Anywhere


Edmunds.com Announces Availability of Its Auto Resources - Anytime, Anywhere

Customers Empowered with Auto Information For Sales Negotiating Via PCS Cell Phone, PDA and Palm Pilots

Santa Monica, CA, February 9, 2000 - Edmunds.com (http://www.edmunds.com), the Web's leading consumer resource for unbiased automotive information, today announced that it will make its automotive review, pricing and ratings information available via hand-held devices such as Sprint PCS cell phones, the Palm VII and other wireless devices and personal digital assistants (PDA's) using Windows CE or AvantGo software. This new wireless service will enable consumers that are shopping for cars or trucks to get timely, unbiased and accurate information when they are in dealer showrooms, at car shows or away from computer access to the Internet.

"This wireless initiative is setting a new standard in delivering automotive information anytime, anywhere," said Peter Steinlauf, president and CEO, Edmunds.com. "Wireless access to Edmunds.com gives consumers a real-time, online consultant to support comparison-shopping, sales negotiations, and informed purchases. With access to Edmunds.com's range of automotive information via handheld devices, consumers are now able to take advantage of a more level playing field when negotiating with car sales people and managers."

According to a July 1999 study from JD Power & Associates, approximately 40 percent of US consumers who purchased a car or truck used the Net to shop for the vehicle. This compares to just 25 percent of consumers from 1998. In a similar study by Forrester Research published in February 1999, it was predicted that the Internet would influence more than 8 million car purchases by 2003. Further, it indicated that in 1998, more than 2 million consumers used the Internet when making a decision about buying a new car. Forrester estimates that 470,000 US households will purchase new cars entirely over the Internet, generating revenue in the amount of USD12 billion.

The Edmunds.com wireless version of its award-winning Web site allows consumers to access editorial content, test drive results and perform loan calculations. For 1999 and 2000 model-year vehicles, consumers will be able to access pros and cons, warranty, insurance and safety information, specifications, and performance reports.

The Edmunds.com web phone demo is currently in an advanced testing phase and will be available for consumer use in early Q2.

About Edmunds.com
Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Edmunds.com is the Internet's pioneer and leader in providing free, third party automotive information. Edmunds.com empowers, educates and engages visitors by respecting them and providing them with straightforward, truthful information on key aspects of buying, selling and owning a vehicle. Users are provided automobile pricing data, extensive automobile reviews, consumer information, safety updates, incentive and rebate news, expert analysis of developments in the automotive world and the Town Hall, an interactive community of more than 1 million participants. Edmunds.com was ranked #1 in the Wall Street Journal's Survey of Car-Shopping Web Sites, was named as one of Yahoo! Internet Life's 50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites and Money's 50 Most Useful Financial Websites.

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