Edmunds' InsideLine.com Names the Best-Looking and Ugliest Cars of 2011

Edmunds' InsideLine.com Names the Best-Looking and Ugliest Cars of 2011

Edmunds' InsideLine.com Names the Best-Looking and Ugliest Cars of 2011

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — April 11, 2011 — Edmunds' InsideLine.com, the Internet's most-read automotive enthusiast Web site, has released its provocative lists of the best-looking and ugliest new cars of 2011. Both lists, compiled by InsideLine's staff, include a range of vehicles from high-end luxury sports cars, to high-volume mainstream sedans and are intended to stir up debate in the automotive enthusiast community.

"The cars that earned a spot on the best-looking list all have that indescribable quality that seizes our attention the moment we first look at them and doesn't let go," said Scott Oldham, editor-in-chief of Edmunds' InsideLine.com. "The 'ugliest' cars also have a similar way of grabbing our attention — but for all the wrong reasons."

InsideLine.com's list of best-looking cars in 2011 includes:

  • Ferrari 458 Italia — "If there was one obvious choice for this list, this is it. But it's not like any car would make this list solely by being a Ferrari. The 458 Italia is a return to perfect proportions for the 'entry level' midengine Ferrari."
  • Kia Optima — "Everything about the Optima, from the vents in its front fenders to its perfectly shaped sideview mirrors and the kink in its rear door windows, is designed to be noticed. It's detailed artistically and proportioned just right."
  • Audi R8 Spyder — "Top up or down, there's nothing about the R8 that shouldn't be there. This car stops people on the street, but it doesn't just get attention, it earns affection. Its shape is both rational and emotional, but never vulgar."
  • Some of the vehicles landing on InsideLine's ugliest cars list include:

    • Toyota Prius — "For some reason Chevrolet, Honda and Toyota, all of which have produced beautiful and distinct cars of their own, have all decided that a high-tech hybrid should be shaped like a five-door polliwog and wear tiny, little wheels inside big wheel arches."
    • Toyota Solara's that's been left to melt in the sun."
    • Dodge Caliber — "The Caliber's problem is that it's inauthentic. Basically it looks like it was designed by 10 guys who didn't talk to each other much."

    For the full lists, please read Edmunds InsideLine.com's 10 Best-Looking Cars of 2011 at http://www.insideline.com/features/top-10-ugliest-cars-of-2011.html.

    InsideLine's Long-Term Road Tests blog also recently won the Best Blog award at MinOnline's Best of the Web Awards last week. Learn more about the honor at http://www.edmunds.com/about/press/edmunds-insidelinecom-named-top-blog-at-mins-best-of-the-web-awards.html

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