Jaguar To Unveil New XK Concept

2010 Paris Auto Show

  • 2010 Jaguar XK Picture

    2010 Jaguar XK Picture

    Jaguar will unveil a concept XK that is said to be a next step in the automaker's design language. Pictured: Current Jaguar XK. | September 02, 2010

2010 Paris Auto Show

Just the Facts:
  • Jaguar will show its new XK concept at the Paris show in October.
  • The concept is said to take Jag's design language to the next step.
  • It is not thought to be a detailed hint at the future 2012 XK coupe and roadster.

LONDON — Jaguar will unveil a new XK coupe concept at the 2010 Paris Auto Show later this month. The concept is said to take the company's design language to the next step, according to British magazine Autocar, and also celebrates the company's 75th anniversary.

What it does not do is mark the 50th anniversary of the XK-E; the date to celebrate the spiritual successor for Jaguar's most famous car is a few years away.

The concept is not thought to be a detailed hint at the new XK coupe and roadster, which will be renewed in 2012, although it will signal messages about the next version's size, which is likely to increase in order to improve interior space for rear seat passengers in particular. That will clear the path for the smaller XKE-replacing sports car.

The concept will also be about demonstrating another step forward for the Jaguar look, which has now emphatically departed the retro look of the previous decade, as well as evolving a new-look grille for the sports car models.

The concept is also expected to showcase some of the hybrid technology that Jaguar is developing. says: The XK coupe concept is something for Paris show goers to look forward to. — Richard Bremner, Correspondent

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