Volkswagen Beetle R Concept

2011 Los Angeles Auto Show

  • Volkswagen Beetle Picture

    Volkswagen Beetle Picture

    Volkswagen Beetle. | November 16, 2011

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We've yet to get the first model in the R lineup, the Golf-R, and VW is already working on No. 2. "The second model in the R line will live up to its [R-spec] billing," said CEO of Volkswagen of America Jonathan Browning.

They're still not talking power output, but said that the Beetle R -- painted here in "Serious Gray" -- "could demonstrate a performance potential similar to that of the Golf R and Scirocco R." Currently, the Beetle Turbo makes 200 horsepower.

The front and rear bumpers are 1.2 inches wider and the fenders grow by 0.6 inch. Further enhancements include 20-inch wheels, R-Design blue brake calipers, bucket seats, rear diffuser, quad pipes and gloss black mirrors and an upper trunk lid. There is also an R-Specific instrument cluster with a central tach.

These seats are as awesome as they are unlikely for U.S. consumption.

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