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Detroit Auto Show official site
Press Days: 01/13/14 - 01/14/14
Open to the Public: 01/18/14 - 01/26/14

Chicago Show official site
Press Days: 02/06/14 - 02/07/14
Open to the Public: 02/08/14 - 02/17/14

Geneva Auto Show official site
Press Days: 03/04/14 - 03/05/14
Open to the Public: 03/04/14 - 03/16/14

New York Auto Show official site
Press Days: 04/16/14 - 04/17/14
Open to the Public: 04/18/14 - 04/27/14

Paris International Auto Show official site
Press Days: 10/04/14 - 10/05/14
Open to the Public: 10/04/14 - 10/19/14

SEMA official site
Press Days: 11/04/14 - 11/07/14
Open to the Public: N/A

About Auto Shows

Auto shows are nearly as old as the car itself. Originally promotional venues for new manufacturers, today's auto shows have become annual showcases for the media and public alike. There are currently four major domestic auto shows (Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York) and four major international events (Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, and Tokyo), along with a handful of smaller regional shows. Although auto shows are still designed primarily for consumers, some major market shows host media preview days prior to their public openings. During media days, manufacturers put on elaborate introductions to showcase their new models and concept cars, and we show it to you here. See our auto show calendar for all upcoming events.