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99 vw CABRIO GLS, What A Fun Car!
GLS 2dr Convertible
I purchased this 99 VW Cabrio used some many years ago. I wanted a convertible and My Grand mother swore by VW. Lest we forget, she bought her VW's when Volkswagon was still Volkswagon. So, as my Cabrio ages, I would be in for some of todays technology short falls or upgrades that the car could/should have done without and be better for it . I prefer it's look to todays cars, it has a great ride and handles well. Very enjoyable ride in the summer, and decent traction, for a small car in the winter. And where do they come up with no power in the reviews. Mine goes like a bat out of, err a hot oven. It is pleasing to drive, fantastic when the top is down and the mid support has a good look. I have now gone through a top change out as the original became brittle and cracked. I installed the top myself, took a little over a day to do and restored the new top look. Paint wise, the paint held up very well until the clear coat began to peel off in 2009. But I have yet to see a car where the clear coat has not failed when the car is in its 2nd decade. It is just irritating to see the clear coat peel away and then be told the entire car needs to be repainted. Mechanically at this late date, Jan 26, 2016, the mechanicals of the car are still pretty much in very good shape, runs like a top and gets great mileage. The downside would be the electric windows motor which can be an off/on working operation. The other would be the less than stellar reliability of the inside door handle which over time will stop working from plastic breakage. The RADIO is teamed with a cd player and the sound is still booming. VW had a poor design to the radio face and if you try to take it out too many times, will crack the plastic face to a point that it will fall apart. I am on my second radio for that exact reason. Keeping a car over the 10 year mark for many is unusual and to still have a '99 vw Cabro today in 2017 seems to be a rare thing. The secret to it all is to keep up on any repairs as best you can. If you let it sit, it will deteriorate. For the most part, this Cabrio is still running well and still has great looks with the top still operating to a down position for open air enjoyment. I drive this car anywhere I care to go with a big smile on my face. UPDATE: July 26, 2017 Well I still have this fun car. The New top still opens and closes perfectly. Covered the area where that crap clear coat peeled with a plastiDip coating, looks good. Have one window motor acts up now and then but still workable. ... The car is still solid, handles very well and is amongst my most reliable cars. I had an episode where the after market installed, keyless alarm system locked me out and wouldn't start the car. This started when the battery went dead in the middle of Winter. The dealer had to remove the aft market alarm sys and she came back to life. So this reflects NOTHING on the car itself but watch out for that after market crap. ... Also, the hydraulic pump that opens and closes the roof can now have just the impeller replaced for a small amount of $ instead of replacing the entire pump for a lot of $$. ... Ok so that is the history of my VW Cabrio. On the road, she is still quick, smooth, solid and comfortable. The top still works, goes up and down smoothly and is so nice to drive with the top down. ... The Cabrio is a very fun little car to drive, handles very well and it is going to be very difficult to think about getting rid of, when the time comes. ... No long built, there are a few Cabrios available used but I can't vouch for what condition you will find it in but if you find a good one, you'll have some very enjoyable drives. Very nice Car. UPDATE: 01/25/2018: Still driving this gem. in good condition and great fun to drive. Had a shifting problem, VW wanted to sell me a new transmission. Turned out the shift linkage had some rust on it preventing it from going into gear. A little lubrication cleared that up. Runs great, rides great, still a very fun car to drive. Would be an "E" ticket ride. LOL. UPDATE: 01/30/2019: Still going. Since 1999, has had a soft top change. OEM radio is physically falling apart, cheap plastic cracking but still works. Driver window needs coaxing to operate but still works. Seat material is deteriorating, but still usable. Good ride, engine runs great, tranny shifts well. Runs almost like a new car, for a car built in 1999. Still enjoy riding with the top down. Not a feature you can find in many new cars. UPDATE 01/29/2021 -- Yes it is still running excellantly. what has happened over the years? ---The driver door window operator is sparatic in operation. I deal with it. --- The drivers door handle has severed from its notch so the door cannot open. Rebuilt --- The antenna had to be rebuilt. Replaced once, they don't hold up --- Had to replace the top, that was a job --- The radio display is failing. can still tune in but its end time is coming. Still run well
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