2011 Subaru Tribeca - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Subaru Tribeca 3.6R Limited (3.6L 6-cyl. AWD 5-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 9/5/2011
Performance Acceleration is adequate, but the 6-cylinder boxer engine doesn't feel particularly smooth as it goes about its business. The 5-speed automatic doesn't do fuel economy any favors; this one needs a 6-speed.
Driving Dynamics Predictable, balanced, secure, but not particularly athletic. About right for most folks.
Ride Comfort Most road imperfections are soaked up admirably. Can get a bit clunky on rougher broken surfaces, though.
Quietness Not the best choice if serenity is what you're after. It's mostly the engine, which is louder than it ought to be. Or maybe it's just more noticeable because the sound is coarse and unrefined.
Ergonomics Things would be a lot better if the steering wheel telescoped. It doesn't, so a hunched-over driving position results for taller drivers. The center stack controls suffer from overstyling that isn't even that stylish.
Visibility Pretty good for an SUV-shaped vehicle, and our Limited had a back-up camera.
Seat Access & Space Front-seat access is fine, but a misguided implementation of a third row spoils the second row, which doesn't slide back nearly far enough for adult occupancy. This car would be better off as a two-row machine.
Cargo & Storage With the third row folded, the floor is broad and flat. And because the second row doesn't slide back far enough for comfort, there IS a lot of cargo space; it slides forward for even more. Small item storage up fromt is acceptable.
Build Quality The choice of materials and surface finish inside doesn't scream 'expensive' even though our Tribeca cost almost $39,000. This car looks and feel like it should cost less -- a lot less.

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