2012 Porsche Cayman - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Porsche Cayman R (3.4L 6-cyl. 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 7/26/2011
Performance The Cayman R is soft on low-end torque, but with Launch Control engaged it's a rocketship at the drag strip. PDK dual-clutch gearbox shifts very quickly, can be run in Manual or Drive, blips throttle on downshifts. We averaged 16.5 mpg.
Driving Dynamics The Cayman R defines direct steering. Very good weighting, too. Extremely high limits, but has a forgiving handling nature. Phenomenal braking numbers at track, but the pedal wasn't quite as firm out on the road at less than full pressure.
Ride Comfort Springs/dampers are stiffer than a Cayman S. So it's firm. It does a pretty good job of soaking up bumps at speed on back roads, but the ride can be choppy and harsh when cruising on the highway. Super-supportive seats are also comfy.
Quietness This is a proper sports car, so between the constant hum from the summer performance tires and the optional sport exhaust system, the Cayman R isn't exactly quiet. Wind noise, though, is impressively kept at bay.
Ergonomics Midengine layout gives ideal driving position. Large tachometer is front and center. Analog speedometer difficult to read, but there's also a digital display. Buttons labeled oddly, and poor window switch placement on upper door panel.
Visibility The view out the front and sides is quite good, with narrow A-pillars and tall side windows. Midengine coupe roofline makes passenger side rear 3/4 view a true blindspot. Large rear window, but there's no back-up camera or parking sonar.
Seat Access & Space The lightweight carbon-fiber seats hold you firm during cornering. They're also pretty comfortable, despite the fixed seatback design, but the huge bolsters make ingress/egress a gymnastics event. Bubblelike roof gives lots of headroom.
Cargo & Storage Interior storage is pathetic, especially the front bin below the center stack which can barely fit a wallet, and the tiny armrest bin. The two trunks provide a surprising amount of volume, considering this is a midengine sports car.
Build Quality It's true that some of the Cayman R's interior trim pieces could be of a higher quality feel. But you gotta love the quality metallic sound when you close the trunks and doors. Overall, a solidly built car.

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