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5 out of 5 stars

Comfortable, quick, quiet and feature-packed!

Peter R., 05/17/2023
2023 Nissan ARIYA Engage 4dr SUV (electric DD)
The trim levels are a bit confusing, but if you're looking to get the most value for your money, I would go with the Engage version. It stickers at $44K, has 216 miles of range and includes: heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel, heads-up display, radar adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, power folding outside mirrors and much more! It also has a … pretty decent sound system. I really enjoyed driving it, finding the Ariya to be quiet, comfortable and fun to drive. I think Nissan did a great job with this car. My only caveat is that the top-end Platinum e-4orce stickers at $63K, which is a lot of money, especially compared to other similar cars from Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Genesis and Volvo. 6/5/23 UPDATE: Well, I bought my Ariya Engage in Deep Ocean Blue with the Light Gray interior and I couldn't be happier! I did my research and test drove most of the competitors. Here are the ones I drove with a brief impression: BMW i4 - beautiful car, but about $10K more than the Ariya and a little too low to the ground for me, Ford Mustang Mach-E - very nice with a great sound system, but seats were a little difficult to adjust and I didn't like the all-glass roof that has no sun shade, Hyundai Ioniq5 - beautiful car that would have been my choice except for the lower seating position, and the firm seat back bolsters that pressed into my back, Kia EV6 - very nice, but the interior felt cramped due to the low roofline, Kia Niro - another nice car but too much piano black plastic in the interior and a somewhat jittery ride, Toyota bZ4x - nice car, but the interior had a lot of cheap looking black plastic, and the instrument pod obscures part of the windshield, VW id.4 - poorly designed controls, and slow screen response, with more copious black plastic in the interior. Back to the Ariya: I've been seeing a range of 240 miles on a full charge, which is higher than the EPA rating of 216 miles. The car is beautiful to look at, inside and out, and is so comfortable to drive. The interior ambient lighting is soothing and pretty, designed to resemble a Japanese lantern, very different from the ambient lighting in other cars. The seats have a number of adjustments and are very comfortable. The sound system is excellent, better than I expected! I really like the power operated center console that allows us shorter drivers (I'm 5'8") to find a comfortable position for the center armrest. The car has lots of tech features and many adjustments, but it's not overwhelming. Spend some time with the owner's manual and you'll be glad you did. I highly recommend the Ariya! 09/05/23 UPDATE: Well, three months later, and I'm still loving my Ariya! I'm really impressed with the efficiency: consistently using e-Step and ECO mode, I've been seeing a predicted range of 250-272 miles, which is outstanding considering the car is rated by the EPA at 216 miles. I've heard of other EVs not meeting their EPA range estimates, but that hasn't been the case with the Ariya. This car is so quiet and comfortable that it is my "go-to" car, despite the fact that I also have a new Mercedes GLC. So, after living with the car for three months, I have noticed a few annoyances, all minor. First, the driver's door armrest is VERY low on the door and creates an awkward driving position if you use both the driver's door and the center armrests. Second, the light at the charging port faces outward rather than facing the charging doors, so in some conditions, it's difficult to see the port. Third, and lastly, I wish Nissan had darkened the rear door windows, as do almost all other SUVs. It would make the car cooler on hot, sunny days, and it enhances the appearance. Those are my gripes. Otherwise, I'm still very happy with my Ariya and always look forward to driving it! 05/30/24 Update: One year and 7K miles later and I still love my Ariya! I recently brought it to the Nissan dealer for its one-year maintenance, which basically consisted of rotating the tires, at no charge. Overall, this car has been problem-free and dependable. A few times, the infotainment screen has gone blank, but it only lasts for a few seconds and then it comes back. I only charge it at home and have not taken it on any long road trips. As for range, in the warmer months, I see a predicted range of 260-280 miles (283 was the highest), and in the colder months, it drops to 180-200, still not bad considering it is EPA rated at 216 miles of range. After a year of owning this wonderful car, I still see very few on the road here in MA, which is probably due to low sales. People should really drive this car to experience how comfortable, quiet, responsive and substantial it is, before buying an id.4, Ioniq5, Mach-e, or other similar EV. Nissan recently lowered the prices on the Ariya, so that should help increase sales. I'm really happy with this car and can't recommend it highly enough!
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