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New Lexus UX 200 for Sale in Marion, IL

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5 out of 5 stars
A great value
2019 Lexus UX 200 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
We traded in a 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn for a 2019 Lexus UX 200 with Premium Package in Eminent White Pearl with Birch interior. At the time of this review, I have driven this car for 850 miles. The UX is the cheapest way to get into the Lexus brand via a new car. The window sticker for our car was $36,718 and it comes with plenty of features that make up for a great … value: Moonroof, auto dimming inner rearview mirror with compass and homelink, rain sensing wipers, heated and ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel, power rear hatch door with kick sensor, blind spot, full safety suite with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alert with automatic braking, parking assist (sensors in the front and back of car), pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, and road sign assist (the car has a camera that will recognize speed limit, yield, do not enter, stop, and a few other signs and display them in the instrument cluster). I think the key is to keep this car under $40k and not get it fully loaded. We decided against the F Sport package as well as the upgraded 10 inch screen. If you’re considering this car, you’ve likely read and watched some video reviews already and you might be concerned about the power and if it’s adequate. I’m finding this car to be plenty powerful around town, and I’m coming from a VW GTI which is much quicker. While this car is slower, it does not feel as slow as some people are making it out to be. Put the car in Sport mode and you have plenty of power to accelerate around town and on the freeway. Our other vehicle is a 2018 Lexus RX450h F Sport. I’m surprised how many features this UX has that either carry over from the current gen RX or are even better. For example, the RX has a heated steering wheel but it’s only an on/off button, whereas the UX has an auto feature and two stages (high and low). You also have the new Lexus Concierge which turns both front seats and the steering wheel on “Auto” and all three will adjust to the climate control. Of course, you also get Apple CarPlay which the majority of the Lexus lineup still doesn’t have. 
Another thing that I was surprised to learn was that the UX offers a black headliner with certain interior colors — even without having to opt for the F Sport package. This is something I always prefer to have in a car, and it’s nice to not need the F Sport package just to get it. Speaking of the interior, we had a tough time deciding between the black interior vs. birch interior. We ended up with birch which is a very, very light gray (almost looks white). Most people were advising against it in favor of maintenance, but we took the risk and are so happy with the decision (so far). The black is just too dark, especially on the doors where nothing seems to break up the design other than the door handle. With birch, you get a little more contrast. The seats are extremely comfortable and the car glides like butter. You don’t feel like you’re driving the “cheap” Lexus. It’s actually very smooth, quiet, refined, and more fun in Sport mode than I would have thought. The back seat is pretty small, but you can still fit adults back there as long as all passengers aren’t 6+ ft tall. Here are my gripes: (1) We’re not quite getting the 33 combined MPG. I’ll continue to monitor and update this review as time goes on though. (2) There’s a lack of storage throughout. No sunglass holder, side pockets in front doors are small and they don’t exist in the rear doors. But that’s about it so far. We love everything else. 
Do yourself a favor and consider this vehicle! You get so much for your money, including Lexus reliability and an impressive warranty. **UPDATE March 2020 (1 yr later)** We're still loving our UX! It has been reliable the entire time. We now have 15k miles on the car and have only gone to the dealer for 5k, 10k, 15k services. At the 10k service we mentioned a slight rattle in the front passenger door when playing music. The dealer was able to fix it with some insulation of some sort. No other issues to date! We continue to enjoy the smooth ride. The birch interior has also held up really well. It doesn't show any dirt, which is surprising given it's near-white color! **UPDATE Sept 2020 (18 months after purchase)** We are still enjoying this car! We're at just under 20k miles. Recently brought it to the dealer because of a rough shifting from 1st gear to CVT. The master tech performed a software update and checked some other items and it's much better, but still not perfect. I can live with it though. Putting it in Sport mode gets rid of the issue completely. We also had them lubricate the center armrest lid because it started to squeak when opening and closing. It's back to normal now. Looking forward to bringing the car on a road trip in a couple weeks. Last time, we got over 40 mpg on average while in Eco mode averaging about 68 MPH.
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TrimMPGEngineStarting Price
2022 Lexus UX 200 F SPORT 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl CVT)29 - 374-cylinders (gas)$41,360
2022 Lexus UX 200 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl CVT)29 - 374-cylinders (gas)$35,020

More about the Lexus UX 200

Edmunds has 11 new Lexus UX 200s for sale near you, including a 2022 UX 200 Base SUV and a 2022 UX 200 Base SUV ranging in price from $35,020 to $45,865.

How much is a new 2023 Lexus UX 200 in Marion, IL?

A new 2023 Lexus UX 200 starts at $35,020 (including destination charge) in Marion, IL. Prices will go up based on the trim level you choose and any options you add. Keep in mind that prices can also vary from one state to another and even from one dealership to the next. Learn more

How much does a 2023 Lexus UX 200 SUV cost in Marion, IL?

A new 2023 Lexus UX 200 SUV starts at $35,020 in Marion, IL. Prices will vary depending on what trim level you choose. Each state may have different pricing, so make sure you enter your correct ZIP code on Edmunds. Learn more
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