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More about the GMC Typhoon

Is the 2021 GMC Typhoon a good car?

Our full review of the 2021 GMC Typhoon includes a rating based on a thorough evaluation of the Typhoon by our team of experts. You can find all the information you need to decide whether the Typhoon is a good car for you in our 2021 Typhoon review. Learn more

What is new on the 2021 GMC Typhoon?

You can find out all about what's new on the 2021 GMC Typhoon in Edmunds full Typhoon review. Not only do we cover updates and changes, we offer an in-depth rating for each vehicle based on extensive testing by our team of experts. That way, you can be sure whether the GMC Typhoon is the right vehicle for you. Learn more

How much is a GMC Typhoon per month?

On Edmunds, you can find a GMC Typhoon for $0 per month, but prices vary depending on trim and options. Try filtering for specific trims or options that are important to you to get a better idea of what you would spend on a Typhoon per month. Learn more


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