2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

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  • 2021

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Review

  • Cabin design and interior materials are extraordinary
  • Effective at being both sporty and comfortable
  • Generous list of standard features
  • Convertible top doesn't dampen the LC's quiet refinement
  • Touchpad controller is frustrating to use
  • The trunk won't hold much cargo, and interior storage space is limited
  • Not as customizable as other high-end sport coupes
  • Soft-top convertible model is new for 2021
  • Part of the first LC 500 generation introduced for 2018
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The Lexus LC 500 convertible manages to take everything we love about the standard LC coupe and offer open-sky motoring without much sacrifice. It's not the quickest or most powerful car in its class, but a silky-smooth V8 and competent handling make it one of the most entertaining. It's a beauty, too, both inside and out, with some lovely details and flair. Cargo space is extremely limited, and we're still frustrated by some of the controls and menus, but the LC convertible is so charming in other areas that it's easy to overlook its flaws.
The LC 500 convertible is more about feel and experience and less about sheer performance. For the class, raw acceleration and braking figures are somewhat disappointing. But when you're actually behind the wheel those figures are easy to forgive. The 5.0-liter V8 engine is a real standout, with smooth, linear power all the way to redline and one of the best sounding exhaust notes today. It's a real joy to rev out.

The steering lacks feel but is quick, direct and firm without feeling heavy. The suspension is tuned to provide comfort rather than sport, but it's still adequately responsive. Lexus improved on the LC's brake feel, making it easy to modulate and come to a smooth stop. The transmission is mostly issue-free, though we did encounter the occasional hiccup in low-speed traffic.
On-road comfort is where the LC 500 convertible really shines. The ride quality is smooth and refined, soaking up bumps without feeling overly soft or bouncy. On particularly rough roads, it doesn't feel quite as buttoned down as the LC coupe, but it's not far off.

The seats in the LC are fantastic, with well-shaped seat backs that are supportive without feeling confining. They're well ventilated, too, and even have a small warm-air vent below the headrests to keep your neck warm when the top is down.

The LC is quiet, too. It's easy to have a conversation with the top up or down. Plus, you get to listen to its wonderful V8. The climate-control system works well, though the vents are somewhat ill placed and require some time to aim just right.
The LC convertible's interior is much the same as the LC coupe's. Despite the low ride height and long doors, getting in and out is fairly easy thanks to a seat that's not overly bolstered and just about the right height. The power-adjustable steering wheel offers a good deal of adjustment and moves out of the way when the car's off. The driving position is excellent, with well-placed controls and a good view of the gauges and the road ahead.

The rear window is narrow, but no worse than other convertibles in this class. Some drivers may find the interior to be tight, but the doors are shaped in a way that provides plenty of elbow room.

The LC's awkward controls and onscreen menu layout are the most significant liabilities. It's just generally unintuitive; the controls for the heated seats, for example, are inconveniently hidden in a submenu. The touchpad interface is cumbersome at best.
Lexus has improved the infotainment system slightly with the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But it still uses the cumbersome touchpad interface and menus that hide some often-used controls. The system itself looks dated, too, especially compared to the latest ones found in the LC's rivals. Voice commands work fine. While not as robust as some of the competition, the LC can understand natural language and can interface with the media, radio, navigation and climate-control system.

Lexus includes a decent suite of standard driver aids such as traffic-adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist with lane departure warning. We'd like a surround-view camera system, but the combo of parking sensors with a standard backup camera works decently.
We don't expect stylish convertibles like this to offer much in the way of storage. Even with that lowered expectation, the LC convertible is quite disappointing. The cargo space is barely large enough for a few bags, and it's shallow — you really have to be careful to keep groceries from being smashed.

The cabin isn't any better. Other than the small center console, the LC lacks any real place to put small items such as sunglasses or your phone. The door pockets are tight, as are the cupholders. The only real saving grace is the rear seat. Given its small size, it is better used for cargo than for people anyway.
The EPA estimates the LC convertible's fuel economy at 18 mpg combined (15 city, 25 highway), one mpg lower than the coupe. That's just about average for V8-powered competitors. Our car managed a hugely impressive 25.8 mpg on our 115-mile standardized test route, though conditions with weather and traffic were highly favorable during that drive. In general, we think you'll have little trouble matching the EPA's numbers.
The LC 500 convertible commands a premium over the coupe, but that's generally true for any convertible with a coupe variant. The list of standard features is generous. You also get excellent build quality. Just about every surface is covered with leather, and most of the switchgear is metal or feels like metal. Lexus really focused on making sure the convertible is just as solid as the coupe. Sure, you can find more performance for the price elsewhere, but as pure luxury goes, it's hard to find a better deal in this class.

The LC's 4-year/50,000-mile basic warranty and 6-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty are above average for the class. Lexus includes four years of roadside assistance and a year of free maintenance.
Looks are subjective, but we think the LC 500 convertible is one of the best looking cars on the road today. It packs flair without being loud or flashy, and has tons of little touches like the checkered pattern on the door or the mirrored taillights that show that Lexus really cares about the details.

It's fun to drive, too, despite being somewhat slow for the class. The V8 is a real sweetheart, with an exhaust note that sings like a chorus in perfect harmony. You just want to keep revving it out to redline. It's engaging enough to be fun on both a winding road, yet comfortable cruising on the highway or rolling around town. Few automakers manage to put together such a charming and entertaining package.

The Lexus LC 500 debuted in 2018 as the Japanese automaker's latest flagship model. It features a striking design that's matched by a comfortable but sporty ride and one of the best sounding V8s on sale today. The LC oozes so much charm and personality that you'll probably be able to overlook the slightly tight interior and the frustrating infotainment system. .

For 2021, Lexus complements the coupe with the new LC 500 convertible. While it's not available with the LC 500h coupe's hybrid powertrain, we won't complain because the V8-powered model has always been the one to own. From behind the wheel, the LC 500 convertible feels just as smooth and refined as the coupe, with just a bit more road noise emanating through the convertible soft top. On rougher roads, it doesn't feel quite as buttoned down as the coupe, but it's still plenty comfortable thanks to well-shaped seats and a compliant but athletic ride.

Which LC 500 Convertible does Edmunds recommend?

The LC 500 convertible only comes in a single well-equipped trim. It commands a premium over the LC 500 Coupe but offers the same features and refinement as its hardtop sibling.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible models

The 2021 Lexus LC 500 convertible comes in a single trim level. As with the LC Coupe, the convertible has a small back seat. Power comes from a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 (471 horsepower, 398 pound-feet of torque) paired with a 10-speed automatic that drives the rear wheels. Feature highlights include:

LC 500 convertible
Comes standard with:

  • 20-inch wheels
  • LED headlights
  • Power-operated soft-top
  • Power-adjustable front seats
  • 2 USB ports
  • Keyless entry with push-button start
  • 12-speaker audio system
  • 10.3-inch infotainment screen
  • Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa integration
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi (requires AT&T subscription after trial period)

It also has driver safety aids such as:

  • Adaptive cruise control (adjusts speed to maintain a constant distance between vehicle and the car in front)
  • Automatic high-beam assist
  • Lane keeping assist (steers the car back into its lane if it begins to drift over the lane marker)
  • Lane departure warning (alerts you if the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane)
  • Active rolls bars that deploy automatically during a collision

Options on the 2021 LC convertible include:

All-Weather package

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Windshield wiper de-icer

Touring package

  • Includes All-Weather package features
  • Upgraded leather seating
  • 13-speaker Mark Levinson audio system
  • Automatic heated and ventilated seats

Inspiration Series

  • Limited to just 100 units
  • Comes with special "Structural Blue" paint and white leather interior
  • Mark Levinson audio system
  • 21-inch wheels
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Heated seats and steering wheel
  • Inspiration Series logos and serial number plate

Individual options include:

  • 21-inch wheels
  • 13-speaker Mark Levinson audio system
  • Torsen limited-slip differential and Yamaha performance damper for improved performance and handling
  • Head-up display

Consumer reviews

Read what other owners think about the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible.

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Most helpful consumer reviews

5/5 stars, 2021 Lexus lc convertible Grandest of Tourers
Scottsdale Smitty,
2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A)
Quick, comfortable and the perfect everyday car. Nods of approval and wow nothing like it comments. Plenty of Porsche’s, BMW’s and Mercedes in the West coast. This Lexus turns heads!
5/5 stars, Florida Sportscar....perfect for this old man.
Ricky Gee,
2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A)
After about a month of owning the LC convertible, I am convinced that this is the perfect Southwest Florida cruiser. What do I like about it? Great seats. This thing is a growler....if you want it to be. Sport+ mode is a blast. The car sounds like no other Lexus I have owned. Interior is elegant. The convertible roof is a technical work of art. The ride is comfortable.....perfect for a run down Alligator Alley to Miami. The car is beautiful. It ain't cheap, but I think its a bargain in comparison to its competitors.
5/5 stars, ALL EYES ON ME
Nesie M,
2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A)
I still can’t believe how smooth the ride is with the top up or down. This is definitely a looker. Lexus really took it to the next level. I will put this car up against any out there. I love this car.
5/5 stars, Concept Car Concept Me
2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A)
Just bought my LC500 convertible last week. I drove to Arizona to pick it up. I had ordered a 2021 Mercedes AMG GT stealth edition roadster. After test driving a few used GTs I realized it's too cramped and small for me (6'4" 280). I had researched the LC500 before ordering the GT and really liked it. What a great decision to buy the LC500 instead. Combination of style, comfort, power, luxury, and WOW factor. The craftsmanship is superior. I've loved pretty much everything about this car. Many don't like the infotainment system but it's not that bad once you get used to it. Seats are comfortable but at my size my rear end doesn't fit well in the width. I bought a cushion to level it out and makes it much better. I'll write another review when I hit 10k

Features & Specs

MPG & Fuel
15 City / 25 Hwy / 18 Combined
Fuel Tank Capacity: 21.7 gal. capacity
4 seats
Type: rear wheel drive
Transmission: 10-speed shiftable automatic
V8 cylinder
Horsepower: 471 hp @ 7100 rpm
Torque: 398 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
Basic Warranty
4 yr./ 50000 mi.
Length: 187.4 in. / Height: 53.2 in.
Overall Width with Mirrors: N/A
Overall Width without Mirrors: 75.6 in.
Curb Weight: 4540 lbs.
Cargo Capacity, All Seats In Place: 3.4 cu.ft.

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Our experts’ favorite LC 500 Convertible safety features:

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
Maintains a set distance between the LC 500 and the car in front, automatically adjusting speed. Can bring the LC 500 to a full stop.
Pre-collision System
Sounds an alert if a front collision with a vehicle or pedestrian is deemed imminent. Can also automatically apply the brakes.
Intuitive Park Assist
Sounds an alert as the LC 500 approaches an object in front of or behind the car.

Lexus LC 500 Convertible vs. the competition

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

2020 Porsche 911

2020 Porsche 911

Lexus LC 500 Convertible vs. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 convertible builds on decades of success and is the most refined and well-appointed 911 we've ever driven. It's slightly more expensive than the LC and lacks many of the Lexus' standard features, but it offers better performance and a wider array of engine configurations. All-wheel drive is also available, as is a Targa model that splits the difference between the 911 coupe and convertible.

Compare Lexus LC 500 Convertible & Porsche 911 features 

Lexus LC 500 Convertible vs. BMW 8 Series

The 8 Series convertible is larger and offers more interior and cargo space than the LC and is just about as comfortable on the road. Its standard engine is a turbocharged six-cylinder that offers excellent performance and better fuel economy than the Lexus' V8. You can even get all-wheel drive. But although the BMW 8 Series convertible's price starts slightly lower than the LC 500 convertible's, you'll probably end up paying more, especially if you want the 8 Series' available V8.

Compare Lexus LC 500 Convertible & BMW 8 Series features 

Lexus LC 500 Convertible vs. Chevrolet Corvette

The king of performance-per-dollar offers a lot for relatively little. It lacks the LC's rear seat (small as it may be), luxury touches and excellent fit and finish, but the Corvette offers a surprising amount of storage and relatively good fuel economy from its powerful V8 engine. It's versatile, too, striking a good balance between performance and comfort that make it one of the best sports cars to use as a daily driver.

Compare Lexus LC 500 Convertible & Chevrolet Corvette features 


Is the Lexus LC 500 Convertible a good car?

The Edmunds experts tested the 2021 LC 500 Convertible both on the road and at the track, giving it a 7.8 out of 10. You probably care about Lexus LC 500 Convertible fuel economy, so it's important to know that the LC 500 Convertible gets an EPA-estimated 18 mpg. What about cargo capacity? When you're thinking about carrying stuff in your new car, keep in mind that the LC 500 Convertible has 3.4 cubic feet of trunk space. And then there's safety and reliability. Edmunds has all the latest NHTSA and IIHS crash-test scores, plus industry-leading expert and consumer reviews to help you understand what it's like to own and maintain a Lexus LC 500 Convertible. Learn more

What's new in the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

According to Edmunds’ car experts, here’s what’s new for the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible:

  • Soft-top convertible model is new for 2021
  • Part of the first LC 500 generation introduced for 2018
Learn more

Is the Lexus LC 500 Convertible reliable?

To determine whether the Lexus LC 500 Convertible is reliable, read Edmunds' authentic consumer reviews, which come from real owners and reveal what it's like to live with the LC 500 Convertible. Look for specific complaints that keep popping up in the reviews, and be sure to compare the LC 500 Convertible's average consumer rating to that of competing vehicles. Learn more

Is the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible a good car?

There's a lot to consider if you're wondering whether the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible is a good car. Edmunds' expert testing team reviewed the 2021 LC 500 Convertible and gave it a 7.8 out of 10. Safety scores, fuel economy, cargo capacity and feature availability should all be factors in determining whether the 2021 LC 500 Convertible is a good car for you. Learn more

How much should I pay for a 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

The least-expensive 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible is the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A). Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $101,100.

Other versions include:

  • 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A) which starts at $101,100
Learn more

What are the different models of Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

If you're interested in the Lexus LC 500 Convertible, the next question is, which LC 500 Convertible model is right for you? LC 500 Convertible variants include 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A). For a full list of LC 500 Convertible models, check out Edmunds’ Features & Specs page. Learn more

More about the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible Overview

The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible is offered in the following submodels: LC 500 Convertible. Available styles include 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A). The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible comes with rear wheel drive. Available transmissions include: 10-speed shiftable automatic. The 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible comes with a 4 yr./ 50000 mi. basic warranty, a 4 yr./ unlimited mi. roadside warranty, and a 6 yr./ 70000 mi. powertrain warranty.

What do people think of the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

Consumer ratings and reviews are also available for the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible and all its trim types. Overall, Edmunds users rate the 2021 LC 500 Convertible 5.0 on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Edmunds consumer reviews allow users to sift through aggregated consumer reviews to understand what other drivers are saying about any vehicle in our database. Detailed rating breakdowns (including performance, comfort, value, interior, exterior design, build quality, and reliability) are available as well to provide shoppers with a comprehensive understanding of why customers like the 2021 LC 500 Convertible.

Edmunds Expert Reviews

Edmunds experts have compiled a robust series of ratings and reviews for the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible and all model years in our database. Our rich content includes expert reviews and recommendations for the 2021 LC 500 Convertible featuring deep dives into trim levels and features, performance, mpg, safety, interior, and driving. Edmunds also offers expert ratings, road test and performance data, long-term road tests, first-drive reviews, video reviews and more.

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2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A)

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Shop Edmunds' car, SUV, and truck listings of over 6 million vehicles to find a cheap new, used, or certified pre-owned (CPO) 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible for sale near. There are currently 8 new 2021 LC 500 Convertibles listed for sale in your area, with list prices as low as $112,475 and mileage as low as 0 miles. Simply research the type of car you're interested in and then select a car from our massive database to find cheap vehicles for sale near you. Once you have identified a used vehicle you're interested in, check the AutoCheck vehicle history reports, read dealer reviews, and find out what other owners paid for the 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible. Then select Edmunds special offers, perks, deals, and incentives to contact the dealer of your choice and save up to $1,000 on a used or CPO 2021 LC 500 Convertible available from a dealership near you.

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What is the MPG of a 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible 2dr Convertible (5.0L 8cyl 10A), 10-speed shiftable automatic, premium unleaded (required)
18 compined MPG,
15 city MPG/25 highway MPG

EPA Est. MPG18
Transmission10-speed shiftable automatic
Drive Trainrear wheel drive
Displacement5.0 L
Passenger Volume78.6 cu.ft.
Wheelbase113.0 in.
Length187.4 in.
Height53.2 in.
Curb Weight4540 lbs.

Should I lease or buy a 2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible?

Is it better to lease or buy a car? Ask most people and they'll probably tell you that car buying is the way to go. And from a financial perspective, it's true, provided you're willing to make higher monthly payments, pay off the loan in full and keep the car for a few years. Leasing, on the other hand, can be a less expensive option on a month-to-month basis. It's also good if you're someone who likes to drive a new car every three years or so.

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