2011 Jaguar XJ - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Jaguar XJ XJL Supercharged (5.0L V8 Supercharger 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 11/11/1111
Performance Boasting more power than its similarly priced competitors and significantly less weight, the Jaguar XJ L Supercharged delivers truly inspired performance indicative of a more dedicated high-performance machine.
Driving Dynamics A sports car it is not, but the XJ L Supercharged has an ability to make you forget there's 10 feet of English limousine behind you. Low friction, high feel steering betters the BMW 7 Series and its brakes are superb.
Ride Comfort There is more impact harshness over rougher pavement than you'd expect due to big wheels, but this is still a comfy long-distance cruiser.
Quietness It sure isn't quiet when you lay into the Supercharged V8, but if you want that quiet, this isn't the car for you -- it sounds magnificent. Limited amounts of road and wind noise allow you to enjoy the engine even more.
Ergonomics The XJ is typically British in its head-scratching ergonomics dominated by its large touchscreen. Processing time is slow and the menus are a bit confusing. Simpler controls like turn signals and temperature are well done.
Visibility It's quite surprising how high the XJ's back end is -- trailing cars can easily disappear. The car's huge length extends blind spots as well. Luckily, a rearview camera and blind-spot warning system are standard on the XJ L Supercharged and work wel
Seat Access & Space The roof is low, which makes getting in a little harder than in its competitors. There is also less headroom, though someone 6-foot-4 will still just fit. The XJ L's backseat offers tons of legroom. Your passengers should be happy.
Cargo & Storage The trunk has a nice wide opening and generous overall width, making it easy to stuff in a couple of golf bags. There is an awkward rise near the trunk's back, however, that could impede the stowage of suitcases.
Build Quality The materials used are easily the best in class. Leather is virtually everywhere, the wood looks rich and the controls are beautifully finished. There was some creaking from the glass roof, however.

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