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23 yrs old, 240,000+ Miles, still getting 50 mpg
Nate Hood,06/01/2016
XFi 2dr Hatchback
(updated December 2017, still daily driving) Back in the 90's when I first saw these cars, I laughed...hard. They became the butt of most of my auto-related Jokes. Then gas prices went up. In July 2013 I broke down and bought one because it was cheap, and the lady said it got around 43 mpg. SHE LIED. I've driven this thing over 95,000 miles since then, and the worst MPG's I've achieved are 46. It averages around 50 or so per tank. This is the most reliable and easiest car to work on I have ever owned, and could turn it inside out and back again if I wanted too. (I don't want to) Parts are cheap, too. Besides the reliability and MPG's, I think my favorite thing about this car is it's honest, bare-bones simplicity. The car has no power steering, no power brakes, (you don't even notice!) manual transmission, manual windows. It hearkens back to the days when cars were, not overweight luxury liners for a spoiled society . You feel very close to the road (literally and figuratively) in one of these. This car makes the daily commute an experience. I know why they stopped making these cars, though; they were TOO good. When you bought a Metro, you were set for 20+ years with proper maintenance. This is not good for auto companies trying to sell a new model every year or two. If you can find one in decent shape, and want honest-to-goodness transportation for the most bang for your buck; BUY A GEO METRO. the biggest problem with these cars though is body/subframe rust. The death blow for this and most Metros will inevitably come due to that terrible cancer. The engine and other components will still be going strong after the body has rusted to dust. Find one that has been preserved and prevent the rust. If you are even remotely mechanically inclined you should be able to keep it going for a long time. (side note, I am over 6 feet tall, and I have no trouble getting in or out of this car, and it has wonderful front seat legroom.)
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