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Bought new- Owned 12+ years so far.
Bobby C.,11/22/2017
2500 High Roof 158 WB 3dr Ext Van (2.7L 5cyl Turbodiesel 5A)
I bought my 2005 158" tall cargo van brand new for recreational use: long distance enroute camping, towing small travel trailer, utility use for cargo and building materials. After owning it 12 1/2 years I can't imagine getting rid of it ever. Great MPG at 25-27, even when loaded with 1500 pounds in the back. Tows 3500 pounds with ease. Performance is adequate if you don't activate the turbo, but open it up (I've only done it a few times) and it's downright QUICK. I baby the vehicle big-time, and it's never let me down mechanically. When loaded or towing I use a complete electronic gauge package ("Edge") and I VERY carefully monitor and regulate the EGT, manifold pressure, and fuel rail pressures using speed control, gear selection, and throttle position. I did have a 150a alternator regulator fail at 60k miles, but other than that no problems unless you count the auxiliary diesel fuel powered hydronic block heater that quit after only 6 uses or so. The transmission works fine, but makes noises like driving over a highway rumble strip at times. Was like this when I picked up the van w/ 12mi on the odometer, and it still does it. Mercedes says "they all do it" and that it's not a defect. Also fuel lines vibrate at certain throttle settings and RPM, but again, it hasn't gotten worse. The original tires have legal tread at over 100,000mi. The brakes make the vehicle shake like it's falling apart when towing long downhills, but when empty, no vibration. I installed new drilled, slotted rotors and super heavy duty pads thinking it was hot brakes, but there was no change. Again, "they all do it," though no one knows why. The rotors are NOT warped, and at 50,000mi the fronts still had zero run-out, no wear ridge, and the pads were only 30% worn. The ride is not great empty or full compared to my former E-350 Econoline diesel van, but it's acceptable. The heater and A/C are useless in hot or cold climates unless you install a barrier behind the front seats, even with a super-insulated cabin (I installed 1" rigid foam on ever sq inch of the cargo compartment walls and ceiling, AND installed paneling on the walls, and also MB super-insulated passenger van ceilings on the roof for extra insulation, and curtains on ALL back windows, and still the HVAC is a bad joke w/o the divider curtain I made from clear shower curtain material that snaps tightly in around the whole fuselage right behind the front seats. The van will swallow ANYTHING you want to put in it (13ft behind the front seats, and you can carry 16ft lumber down-the-center if you want), I've kept my van garaged or in a car port, but those kept outside tend to rust on the top because of poor paintwork. I bought mine in arctic white to prolong the paint life (dark colors self-destruct in direct sunlight), and it still looks almost new. If you owned and drove air cooled VW Microbuses for many years like I did, this van will feel like the "old days" despite the van is a water cooled diesel up front. It sounds, feels, and handles about teh same, though a bit better in cross-winds. It's MUCH faster, and gives better MPG, of course. Strangely, the engine has no oil pressure gauge or light, but only an oil low-quantity light, so theoretically an oil pressure problem could destroy the $12,000 engine without the slightest warning, which I find odd, but I spoke with FedEx fleet operators, and none said they ever had an engine failure, so maybe it's a moot point. FedEx gets about 140,000 out of the 5 spd auto transmissions, but they are not babied. I am hoping babying mine will better that figure.
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