2012 BMW X3 Long Term Road Test

2012 BMW X3: What Do You Want?

February 06, 2012


Judging from all the comments on the intro blog post for our new 2012 BMW X3, sounds like a lot of you are already bored by this long-term trial before it even began. "I literally could not care less. I tried to care less and failed," said commenter mkboyardee, which made me giggle but also made me wonder, what could we possibly cover that would interest you?

I mean, you have no interest in hearing how much I liked driving the X3 over the weekend? That I loved the way it handled and how much power it has? How I'd gladly pick it as my road trip vehicle, rush-hour savior, dog-toting mobile? And, oh, don't get me started on those fab seat heaters.

So out of curiosity, what would you like to see us blog about on our X3?

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor @ 1,975 miles

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