Meet the Editorial Team

Meet the Editorial Team

We're the car people. We're here to answer all your car buying and selling questions. Think of us as a trusted friend who just happens to be a car expert.
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Scott Oldham

Scott Oldham, VP, Editorial
I'm responsible for the quality of our editorial content. I've been an auto journalist for 20-plus years and each day I hope we make car shopping easier for you.

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Scott Oldham

Ed Hellwig, Executive Editor
I like cars, trucks and motorcycles, so I own one of each. My only loyalty is to vehicles that are fun, useful, or otherwise great at their intended purpose. V8s welcome.

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Brent Romans

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor
As the guy in charge of our car reviews, I get great job satisfaction knowing that I'm helping people find the best vehicle that matches their needs and desires.

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Mike Magrath

Mike Magrath, Senior Editor
As a Features Editor, I write the words that the car nerds read. Massachusetts transplant. I like big cars, torque and pointlessly long drives.

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Mark Takahashi

Mark Takahashi, Automotive Editor
I still can't believe that I get to drive and write about cars all day. Love it when I can state, "Professional driver, closed course. Do not attempt."

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Dan Frio

Dan Frio, Automotive Editor
I like writing and I like cars. It's a happy marriage. I like cars that take you places. Cars that carry friends, dogs, gear. Cars you can sleep in. Cars that don't complain.


Travis Langness

Travis Langness, Social Media Editor
We test hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs every year. It's my job to tell you all about it on social media.

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Josh Sadlier

Josh Sadlier, Senior Editor
I've been writing about cars since 2008 and obsessing over them since I was a kid. I love giving shoppers the information they need to make the right choice.

James Riswick

James Riswick, Used Cars Editor
I head up used car content and contribute to new car reviews, road tests, ratings and videos. I went to the Toronto auto show when I was 2 and have been to one somewhere every year since.

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Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers, Associate Editor
I spend most of my time writing in-depth car reviews so shoppers know everything about the cars they are considering buying. Associate editing enthusiast.


Vehicle Testing Team

Dan Edmunds

Dan Edmunds, Director, Vehicle Testing
Onetime ski technician, rocket scientist, racer and suspension development engineer, I now test and write about cars for

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Jonathan Elfalan

Jonathan Elfalan, Road Test Editor
My obsession with cars helped me persevere through an engineering degree, and now I get to pla… work with them every day! I hail from Honolulu, so naturally I love surf and SPAM (the canned kind.)

Jason Kavanagh

Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor
Nobody's first car should cost more than $500. True appreciation of modern cars stems from owning really, really bad, old ones.


Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager
My role at Edmunds varies daily. Vehicle evaluation, maintenance and the logistics in between, that's me. No two days are alike.

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Reese Counts

Reese Counts, Vehicle Testing Assistant
I'm at the track each week, organizing and collecting data from our test-drivers. I'll drive anything and everything available, though the quickest option is usually preferred.

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Production Team

Doug Lloyd

Doug Lloyd, Senior Copy Editor
I formerly owned an Alfa Spider and a GTV-6, understandable since my first car was a Fiat Brava. Now I'm with the Germans, but I promise it's just a phase.


Kelly Hellwig

Kelly Hellwig, Managing Editor
Twenty-plus years in the auto industry -- at the desk, in front of the camera, and behind the wheel. Over 10 years with

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Bryn MacKinnon

Bryn MacKinnon, Managing Editor
I've been in publishing since 1996, at Edmunds since 2008. I support our model review, tips and advice, testing, photo and video teams, and love helping you make good car choices.

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Photo Team

Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs, Senior Photo Manager
My main responsibilities here are photography, image post-production, and management of the photo team.


Kurt Niebuhr

Kurt Niebuhr, Photo Editor
I love light, and I love cars. Good thing I wound up photographing cars for a living, huh? Anything that puts me behind a lens or in the driver seat, I'm game to try it.

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Sal Meda, Imagery Production Specialist
Responsible for touching up images that go live on the site. Photoshop and cars all day? Can't ask for anything better than that.