2012 BMW X3 Long Term Road Test

2012 BMW X3: Do the Lights Make a Difference?

March 12, 2012


You may have noticed a greater number of new vehicles with odd looking headlights. It's a trend that BMW largely started awhile back with its corona ring design, quickly followed up by Audi and its LEDs. Now, just about vehicle has some signature light cue up front, some more interesting than others.

Our X3 has BMW's latest take on headlight design and it's slightly more complicated version of its traditional design. The lights themselves work well and they don't look half bad when they're glowing eerily after you hit the unlock button.

Made me wonder, though, how much the average buyer really cares. Do they really notice? Would they prefer to save the money as long as they could see well at night? Is this whole fancy light fad something that will fade away as quickly as it came about?

Hard to tell as this point, although as LEDs become more flexible, the designs are only going to get more complicated. So much for changing a bulb in front of the auto parts store.

Ed Hellwig, Editor, Inside Line

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