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    Lexus ES Hybrid - Generally a great car

    Anthony1977, 03/22/2022
    2022 Lexus ES 300h 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
    Have had my ES Hybrid for about 4 months and 6000 miles now, including a 2500 mile round trip from Pennsylvania to Florida. My average mpg over those 6k miles is sitting right at 39. A bit disappointing given the EPA ratings, but still pretty good given the size of the car. My best tank was 43 while doing local driving on flat roads in Florida - my worst tank was 36 on the trip home … from Florida moving fairly "briskly." Hopefully my average improves as we move out of winter - gas mix will change and the gas engine definitely runs more often with the HVAC system engaged as one would expect. This review may seem mpg focused, but I imagine that's why most folks would be interested in the hybrid version vs. the standard gas engine version, as you do give up some "performance" for the better mileage. Otherwise there is not much to complain about - I personally love the looks of the very mildly updated 2022 model with the new 10 spoke wheel design in Cloudburst Gray. I had been shopping between this and an Avalon Hybrid, but in my opinion the Lexus is better looking, had much better selection (at least in November '21,) and the pricing was very similar - Toyota was marking up their limited stock while I got $1k off my Lexus that was a perfect match to the limited options I was looking for. The dealership experience was about as pleasant and low-pressure as one could ask for, and I have not had any problems with the car to date. I did look at a leftover '21 model as well in November, but that touchpad-only display interface was not very good. The '22 models still have the touchpad, but the screen is now a touchscreen as well and I use that - for me it's fairly straightforward and easy to use. Car is great for highway cruising - you do get noise from that 4cylinder engine when it's accelerating, but that's one of the hybrid tradeoffs. The rear seat doesn't fold down (there is a small pass-through) which bugged me at first, but in 6000 miles it hasn't come up once. All in all, if you're looking for a large/luxury sedan that gets great mileage and you're not ready for the jump to a full-electric vehicle you really can't go wrong with the ES hybrid - and you don't really have many other options on the market. No regrets from this buyer - I'd update from 4 star to 5 star if I could consistently hit the EPA figures like others have. UPDATE1: Now has been about 10 months since I took delivery and I have 13.5k miles on the car, with another round trip from PA to FL. The lifetime average is sitting right around 41mpg. Still a very happy customer - not a single issue over that time. I have the "Rich Creme" interior color which looks sharp, but every few month I do use a leather cleaner in the high-traffic areas to keep it looking good. And now that my wife has given in and started to drive it she likes it too - she's looking at a NX Hybrid for her next vehicle refresh... UPDATE2: Now has been about 22 months since I took delivery in Nov 2021 and just under 30k miles on the car. Lifetime average improved to 42mpg and seems to have leveled off. Still very happy with the purchase - great for my PA to FL runs and not a single reliability issue. Only complaint about the first 30k miles is the stock Bridgestone Turanza EL440 that the car came with. These were worn out at about 28k miles, even with highway driving and regular rotations so that was strike one against them. Wasn't until I replaced with a set of Michelin CrossClimate2 that I realized how much louder the stock tires were - new tires are much quieter, and perform much better in wet conditions. Time will tell how much MPG I've sacrificed for less road noise and better performance but if it's a small delta it will be worth it.
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