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Hostile, Disrespectful, and Untrustworthy
Written by BBB on 05/16/2020
The salesperson I was working with (Timothy AKA TJ) was hostile and blatantly disrespectful. I spent $140 to take the car in for an inspection and the mechanics said there was evidence of mice in the engine bay. When I asked Timothy about this he laughed derisively in my face and called me a liar. My friend that witnessed the whole thing said I was visibly shaking because I was so upset I emailed Lithia customer service and summarized a number of issues with the dealership. I got four calls during work from their general manager, Brent. He offered to pay for the inspection fee and have a talk with the salesperson. He took down my personal information and promised that the check would be sent out, but nothing ever came I'm not happy that I was called during work since I specifically told Timothy that my phone number was only to be used during the test drive in case of an emergency. Still, Audi of Des Moines called me with a lengthy survey the day of my first visit, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. The dealership will lie about how they use your personal information The vehicle I looked at smelled awful. It had this unpleasant animal scent. Timothy claimed it was the smell from being freshly detailed, Todd said that he hadn't noticed any smell, and Jeremy (Timothy's manager) said all Lexus sedans get that smell. They convinced me to come back later in case it was the detailing, but it was still there. They said they would have it deodorized After it had been deodorized, it had a strong fragrance that masked any other scents in the vehicle. I couldn't tell if the issue had been resolved, so they suggested I drive it to my mechanic for an inspection after the fragrance had some time to disperse. On the way to the mechanic, the fragrance was still overpowering other smells, but I could vaguely detect something unpleasant. I was hoping the mechanics could find out the source The mechanics said that there was evidence of mice and that the HEPA filter was filthy with significant build-up around it. My friend that was giving me a ride sat down in the Lexus and immediately complained about a "heavy musk". Deodorizing the car had not removed the source of the smell and it was gradually coming back The mechanics also showed me that the bumper was cracked all the way through and was hanging on by about an inch of plastic. I had already been aware of the long deep scratch on the driver's side of the vehicle, but they pointed out that there was also a rectangular chunk missing from the edge of the back door where someone could cut their hand while handling it. The hood had chips of paint missing where the metal underneath had started rust I asked them about why the car had skidded into another (thankfully empty) lane during a completely normal turn when I first test drove it. I had thought it was due to the long strip of plastic on the tire that hadn't been removed before the test drive, but the mechanics mentioned that the dealership had put extremely cheap off-brand tires onto the luxury sedan, so that might have been a contributing factor. They said I was lucky that the weather was good (we were randomly getting snow, rain, and sleet at the time) because the windshield wipers would have left me driving blind The mechanics said there were over $2,500 of mechanical repairs to do, which didn't include cosmetic items like scratches, rust, or the bumper. It also didn't include any future repairs I was likely to need (the bottom was horribly corroded and the exhaust system was probably going to need to be replaced soon). The price the dealership wanted me to pay was well above the actual worth of the car, but I was going to give Timothy a chance to address my concerns. Unfortunately, he was aggressive and insulting, so it all turned out to be a waste of my time, money, and effort *I also want to mention that the listing had the number of miles on the vehicle off by about 10,000 miles, but all three people I asked about this ignored my question and no one fixed the listing
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