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Beware of this dealership!

Written by mkundranda on 05/02/12 01:39:35 PM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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I picked up what I thought was a ‘new’ 2011 GL450 from the dealership in Oct 2011. I am only writing this now because even after trying to get the issue sorted out with them for more than 6 months it is still not resolved and clearly the company doesn’t wish to resolve it. I contacted Jeff Lane of Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead through the Edmunds online service for new a car purchase (GL 450) and it appeared that they had the specifications that I was looking for. At the initial discussion; I was told that the car was at the sister dealership (Phoenix Motor Company) and that they were willing to bring it down for me. When I test drove the vehicle and enquired about the 500 plus miles on the vehicle; I was told that it was built in December 2010 and in the 10 months that had lapsed it was test driven by several potential customers (Intuitively, this made sense as they said that each test drive would put 10-15miles and since the car was in the dealership for 10 months the miles would translate to about 3-4 test drives a month). I picked up the car and a 2 months later got a service warning and when I called the dealership they said that the odometer should have been reset before it was sold and instructed me to bring it in. Since I lived closer to another Mercedes dealership; I took it in and told them what I was told by Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead. To my surprise they informed me that the car has been on the road since December 2010 and was still registered to the dealership in California. When I called the dealership they told me that I had purchased a ‘golf car’ ( I didn’t know what that meant then but these are cars that are used for transportation in golf tournaments) and that I should have known that. When I told them that this was never disclosed to me; they were rude and obnoxious about that and almost called me a liar. Appalled by the sudden change in attitude; I approached Jim Astuno who was the general manager there. He further supported Jeff and dragged other sales members into the conversation and I have never felt more humiliated or insulted before. I eventually told them that although I found the way they conducted their business unethical and misleading, I was happy with the car and all I wanted was the additional I-year of warranty since the car’s original warranty had started in Dec 2010. They initially agreed but dragged their feet and eventually refused to do that. My personal opinion is that the team there tries to get your business using any means possible and after that they really don’t care. I hoped that this was a one-time issue but after talking to other colleagues who have picked up their cars there-they tell me that they will never return back. I wish I had known that before I approached Jeff Lane initially. I have purchased 4 other Mercedes in the past from other dealers and have had impeccable service. This company from top down has an unacceptable ethical standard that borders on a deliberate effort to defraud their customers.

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Mr. Kundranda purchased his 2011 Mercedes-Benz GL 450 on October 1, 2011; Mercedes-Benz was a sponsor of the Waste Management Golf Tournament, and this was one of over 160 new cars that had been advertised, displayed and driven during the Golf Tournament in Scottsdale in late January of 2011. A little history will help comprehend the current situation. Mr. Kundranda’s brother in law had previously (September 23rd) purchased a new car from Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead just like the GL Mr. Kundranda bought. This car had also been driven during the Waste Management Golf Tournament. Apparently, Mr. Kundranda found out from his brother-in-law what a great deal his brother-in-law got at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead, and he contacted us to inquire about the same type of deal. Because these cars had been driven during the golf tournament, they were offered for sale at a deeply discounted price; the cars, although they were new, had accumulated some miles during the golf tournament and some of the warranty period had passed. (The factory discounts the car because of this and their discount is passed to the customer.) Mr. Kundranda told us that he had purchased his previous Mercedes-Benz from Schumacher but they did not have any “golf cars” left. We informed him that we had just one left and it was at our Phoenix Motor Company store. Our Internet salesman, Joe Ramirez, was able to get the car from Phoenix Motor Company and have it delivered to our Arrowhead store to show Mr. Kundranda. At that time, Joe showed the vehicle to Mr. Kundranda which also included showing the mileage that had accrued on the car, roughly 600 miles. Having seen the car, Mr. Kundranda also inquired about a 2012 with no miles on it and with the warranty not having been started. When he was shown a 2012 that was similarly equipped, with a price of $5-6,000 more than the 2011 “golf car,” he turned down the 2012 as it was more money than he wanted to spend. Mr. Kundranda knew he was getting a big discount because it was clear that it had been driven, displayed and advertised during the Waste Management Golf Tournament just like the one his brother-in-law bought. After Mr. Kundranda took delivery of the car, he brought the car back and told our salesman, Jeff Lane, that the car was dirty upon delivery; this was two days later, and that the rear mat had a crease and he thought that it must have been creased from the golfer who was driving the car and would we repair this mat. The mat was steam cleaned and the crease was lifted; he also requested another detail; the car was again detailed for him. He knew he was getting a big discount because it was a car that was driven, displayed and advertised during the Waste Management Golf Tournament and because it had accumulated some extra mileage and the factory warranty was in effect since it was brought to Arizona for this purpose. It is our contention that we offered Mr. Kundranda a very special discount for the purchase of this car. We will honor his existing warranty and service his car at either of our two dealerships. In addition, I offered Mr. Kundranda the following proposal: If he would buy a three-year extended warranty from Mercedes-Benz that I would pay one-third of the cost. He declined the offered proposal. Sincerely, Jim Astuno General Manager

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