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2012 Nissan Quest: 10 Ways Its Better than a CLS63

February 06, 2012

Benz vs Quest

Mike Magrath has been tasked with doing the Edmunds rating on the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. I've been tasked with doing the Edmunds model review on the Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG. Though I was fully prepared to lirpa him to shreds in a fight to the death to get what could very well be my favorite car, luckily geography was on our side. We live in blocks away, and as we often do, made a switch midday Saturday after Magrath took the first round of custody. I can only imagine what a bystander would think seeing two guys flipping the keys to each other's wildly different cars then driving off.

Clearly, they'd think he'd lost this trade. Badly. Not quite Babe Ruth to the Yankees bad, but not good. Still, in order to make him feel better, here are 10 ways the Nissan Quest is better than a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

10) Everyone always says that Americans feel bigger is better. Well, you can get a huge, crazy Japanese bus thing for $40,000, or a fast, crazy German sedan-coupe thing for $100,000. The value choice is clear.

9) The Benz has 5 cupholders. The Quest has 16 by Frio's count, so if you like peeing a lot, go for the Nissan.

8) Despite the 290-horsepower gap, the Benz gets 19 mpg combined while the Quest gets 21. Plus, the EPA says you'd only spend $480 extra to fill up the Benz every year ... cha, right. Good luck with that one buddy.

7) No stupid carbon fiber lip spoiler or Alcantara wheel. They actually come with the AMG Performance Package -- I'd skip the extra 32 hp and 74 lb-ft of torque just so the car wouldn't have them.

6) The Quest can seat six of your friends. The Benz only half that. If you like people, then this is an easy choice. Since I barely do, and Magrath definitely doesn't, this probably applies more to other members of the populace.

5) I'd be more likely to want to know the person who owns the Quest. I'd really really really (x24) like to own the CLS regardless, but even I wouldn't want to know me. I'd figure I'd be going to the Sunset Strip a lot, wearing tight shirts and listening to something called a
Shingy. Oh, it's Chingy? I don't care.

4) The Benz lacks any sort of secret rum running bin.

3) The Quest has two opening sunroofs. I've been told people like more sunroofs. The Mercedes has only one and is thusly worse.

2) The Quest has a rear seat entertainment system. The Mercedes has a front seat DVD entertainment system, which you can't watch while driving. This is a travesty, for just this morning I was thinking, "You know, this car could really be improved if I could watch Downton Abbey while driving." Actually, I wasn't, but I do suppose I can't do that in the Quest, either. Still, a front seat entertainment system is totally useless. Then again if the acceleration and exhaust note don't keep my potential offspring entertained, I'm shipping them off to Switzerland.

1) The Quest helps you get some lumbar home or hauls around some old furniture. The Benz just hauls ass. Or helps you get some. Maybe that was a bad point.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ I was too excited to get the Benz to note the Quest's mileage

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