2011 Infiniti M56 Long-Term Road Test

2011 Infiniti M56: Trip to Willow Springs

May 04, 2011


Our 2011 Infiniti M56 paid a visit to the House of Charmin West the other weekend. For those of you out of the loop on potty hut nomenclature, this is the building located near the go-kart track at Willow Springs Raceway. But we weren't at Willow Springs for the karting.

Instead, we went up the hill for a little recreational driving school on the Streets.

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2010_infiniti_m56_fastlane_1600 (1).jpg

It wasn't until the last minute that we considered driving the M56 for the school. But we were too late. There was already a slightly modified beater Celica with our name on it.

It was a fun day and a long day. When it came time to climb into the M56 for the 125-mile drive home it was a relief. Despite its sporty demeanor the M offers a reasonably compliant ride and exceptionally comfortable seats. It was plenty soft enough for me, forgetting that I'd been in a Celica for the previous 4 hours.

Over the past month I've put a good 750 highway miles on the M56. Adaptive cruise control. Serene interior. Satellite radio controls at my fingertips. I can't ask for much more. And once the sun lowers in the sky the annoying interior glares disappear. This M is unexpectedly becoming my favorite highway cruiser in the fleet.

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 9,515 miles

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