2011 Infiniti M56 Long-Term Road Test

2011 Infiniti M56: Now With Trunk Monkey

July 06, 2011


So I jumped in the M56 for my early commute this morning, threw it in reverse and was immediately alerted to the presence of a trunk monkey. I wasn't able to capture the occurence on the first go-round, but quickly discovered the source of the jackhammering coming from behind.

And I captured it on video after the jump.

Turns out, the trunk monkey gets upset only when the rear window shade is attempting to retract (crowding his territory, perhaps?). This occurs, of course, when the car is put in reverse or when one manually activates the shade. Also, the shade will only go about half way up.

Car repair expert Mike Schmidt predicts the problem is that the motor which retracts the shade has lost track of the "up" and "down" position limits so it's trying to retract a shade that's already down.

Me? I'm sticking with trunk monkey.

The dealer will settle this dispute soon enough.

Josh Jacquot, Senior editor

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