2010 GMC Terrain Long-Term Road Test

2010 GMC Terrain: Yeah ... About That Power Hatch Thingy

February 26, 2010


Ever get done telling a story about how great something is, only to have it fail horribly at the precise moment you're singing its praises?

Well, the mechanism behind the 2010 GMC Terrain's two-level power hatch feature, the one I went on about only yesterday, has just joined that club.

Above is a close-up of the left-hand strut, the one that does the heavy lifting. Note the oil running down the side and the cocked seal. Add-in the pungent aroma of mineral oil (shock absorber oil to the suspension tuning engineers in the room) and you get the complete picture.

I noticed this when I discovered a trail of something with dirt stuck to it running down from the rear taillight and rear bumper. The amount of the stuff suggests it's been dribbling out for a couple of days, at least.


This oil track runs from here down to the step built into the rear bumper. Another emerges from the body opening at the lower edge of the left-hand taillight.



By the time you read this our Terrain will be in the service line at our local GMC dealer, awaiting a diagnosis. As new as the 2010 Terrain is, I highly doubt a replacement part will be sitting on the shelf. We'll soon see.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 1,993 miles

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