Our Favorite Caption - 2010 GMC Terrain Long-Term Road Test

2010 GMC Terrain Long-Term Road Test

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2010 GMC Terrain: Our Favorite Caption

November 05, 2010


Thanks to ergsum for this week's favorite caption. So many good ones.

Here are the others that pushed our buttons:

ovulation warning sensor (snipenet)
GMC phone home! (technetium99)
"Baby Vader on Board" sensor (ergsum)
"Probe in 60 Seconds" warning. (ergsum)
"Danger Will Robinson! Aliens approaching!" (toye)
"The Force" on/off. Use it Luke. (ergsum)
"Ludicrous Speed!" button. (ergsum)
Deploy tin foil hat warning! Your thoughts are currently being read by others. (philaburb)
Fart detected! Engage auxiliary air supply! (technetium99)
Automatic headlocks standard. (thegraduate)
Puny Mazda 2 detected Sir. Engage the salivatron. Fire. (ms3omglol)
Children of the Warn (rayray633)
32 miles per gallon? I'm sorry but I can't let you achieve that, Dave. (robert4380)
Activate your "Inner Child" mode. (ergsum)
Press here to freeze your passengers in carbonite. (fsunole)
Pedestrian Lock-On. (hybris)
Press to engage "Babe Magnet" system. (ergsum)

What was your favorite?

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Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

  • Full Review
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  • Road Tests (3)
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