2010 GMC Terrain Long-Term Road Test

2010 GMC Terrain: 32 MPG or Bust

September 16, 2010

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32 MPG Highway. That's what the EPA says you can manage with the 2010 GMC Terrain. We've never gotten close. Not in our normal tours of duty. Not in the Fuel Sipper Smackdown. Not ever.

I had to drive to San Francisco anyway, and I was out earlier than expected, so why not. I knew of a gas station less than 500 feet from the freeway. I'd fill up, get on the highway as gently as possible, turn off the A/C (it was only 93), set the cruise to 65 (the speed limit was 75) and do that for as long as I could stand and a distance that would net a reasonable reading.

I made it 236.8 miles before I decided I was to hot and too tired to keep going 10 under.

The trip computer, as you can see, read 33.0 mpg. Average speed was 65.5 mph (I wasn't going to waste any momentum I got going downhill keeping it at only 65 if gravity was doing the work.)

65 mph GMC Terrain.jpg

GMC Trip MPG.jpg

Follow the jump for the actual results.

236.8 miles. Over three-and-a-half hours of my life. No air conditioning. I MUST'VE hit 32. Right?



Maybe if I'd gone 55 and unplugged my iPod and tapped off the front of the truck could I have beat the EPA rating, but really, who's going to do that?

Still, it was a PITA, but I did manage 29.265 mpg from a not-unsubstantially large CUV that was more than comfortable enough for the ride.

Would I be disappointed in 29 if that was the claim? Absolutely not, that's pretty darn good. But with the EPA saying 32 and the on-board computer reading high at 33 (how many people keep track of their fills outside of crazy car guys like us?), 29 is a HUGE disappointment, especially when I really thought I could beat the EPA figures with this driving style.

Mike Magrath, Associate Editor, Edmunds.com @ 14,698 Miles

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