2011 Ford Mustang GT: *sigh*

2011 Ford Mustang Long Term Road Test

2011 Ford Mustang GT: *sigh*

January 25, 2011


So I guess this is part four.

Never mind how I came to drive our 2011 Mustang GT home, just know that while I was on my way to work I saw the above message about fifteen minutes into my trip. Seeing the message, I paused. I turned the radio off, steadied the throttle and listened for a hiccup. A car can have a lot of problems that can go undetected for a few minutes, miles or months but an issue with fuel will get your attention immediately.

As I wasn't sputtering to a stop or bursting in to flames, I reached for the RESET button located to the left of the steering wheel and cleared the message from the display. When the message failed to reappear after 30 seconds, I whacked the throttle to the floor and tached it out through two gears.

I continued on my way to work.

Not more than ten minutes after I arrived at work, not the least bit on fire, Dan Edmunds was downstairs with a scan gauge in hand, ready to diagnose the Mustang.


Yeah, that's frustrating. While I tried to convince Dan that perhaps the fuel filler just needed a good kick, he began thumbing through the owner's manual. And wouldn't you know it, there's a section in the manual for situations just like this one. To my surprise, it mentioned nothing of hammers, cursing or kicking any part of the ECU. Instead, it instructed us to go to the truck, lift up the mat and retrieve a small plastic funnel.

The funnel, the manual stated, was to be used to clear any debris from the filler area and/or reset the little filler flap (see below) to it's closed position.


The manner in which Dan had to um, manipulate the filler door, bordered on pornographic. Naturally, I took a picture.


After a flurry of funnel thrusting, and way too much laughing, Dan noted that according to the manual, the car would have to remain off for at least four hours and then have to be driven, perhaps multiple times, for the message to clear from the system. Since I was expendable familiar with the problem, I was charged with driving the car home and back again the next day, you know, just to be sure.

So I drove the piss out of it.

The next morning, there was no message. Even after I refilled the tank and drove it around some more, nothing. Had it not already had a TSB performed on a fuel related issue, I would chalk this up to this just being one of those things. But with the car's recent history, it left me a little wary.

I'm a little sad knowing perhaps the only time I'll ever spend with this car (it will never get to the bottom of the 'take-home' list again) was spent wondering if it would get me home. But I'll make no bones about it, I love this car.

Kurt Niebuhr, Photo Editor

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