2011 Ford Mustang GT: Monterey Trip Fuel Economy and Notes From the Road

2011 Ford Mustang Long Term Road Test

2011 Ford Mustang GT: Monterey Trip Fuel Economy and Notes From the Road

April 03, 2011

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The EPA rates the 2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 at 17 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. With its 16 gallon fuel tank, that gives a max range of 416 miles. And as all the long term readers will know, I'm not a fan of early fills.

Unfortunately, thanks to sub-EPA fuel economy numbers and a gauge and warning light prone to hysterics, the furthers I managed on one tank of gas was....

...a pathetic 276.3 miles. Lame! And then, despite the annoying light and panicked range, the thing only took 12.475 gallons. Disappointing.

The trip took me across 939.7 miles of California and I had to fill up -- including one to top it off to deliver it to the boss full -- 5 times. My best MPG was on the sub-speed limit crawl down the 101 which resulted in a 22.1 mpg rating. Well below the EPA estimates. I blame gearing. And my use of second to pass.

Overall MPG was 18.4 with the low tank being my cruise into LA traffic via Rt 1. The whole trip used up 51 gallons of fuel.


Thoughts from the road:

Sync without a nav screen ( iPod or USB drive -- yes, the drive is faster and easier, no I'm not replacing my iPhone or iPod with one) is annoying. Let's say you're listening to an audiobook with the title being something along the lines of "Book Title Chapter Title Chapter Number," here's what you see "Book Titl." Same goes for podcasts. That is not enough information. Sure, there's a way to scroll it, but that's annoying. So is voice. Getting the nav screen is an addition $2,300 on top of the premium pack. Is it worth it? I listen to a LOT of audiobooks / podcasts; getting more information would be worth it. Plus, nav in case I needed it.

The seat recline should be powered. Sure, this is cheaper, but there's no detent where I need it to be and the handle is in an annoying spot.

Kavanagh likes the honkus / snorkus sound. I don't. At steady throttle you just hear it suck and at WOT there's a whine instead of a roar. I'd rip it off.

And, uhm, that's kind of it. This wasn't the longest road trip ever, but the Mustang made it easy and fun. Guess the Pirelli P-Zeros are a little loud. Great car. Thanks for voting for it!

Mike Magrath, Associate Editor

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