2008 Ford Focus Long Term Road Test

2008 Ford Focus SES Coupe: Sync Doesn't Know Its '80s Rock

August 01, 2008

Ford Focus Sync display.jpg I like Ford's Sync so much it has me happily driving our long-term Ford Focus on days when I'm more concerned with hands-free phone operation and/or iPhone music libraries than I am with corner apexs and stoplight getaways.

But during my most recent Sync session I discovered a rather troubling trait -- Sync's voice recognition software can't tell the difference between "Tesla" and "Def Leppard." No matter how many times I asked for "Play Artist -- Tesla" in as clear of voice as I could muster I got the response, "Playing Artist -- Def Leppard."

It would be interesting to remove all the Def Leppard songs from my iPhone to see if it then recognized "Tesla" requests. But who knows, maybe it would just start playing "Jethro Tull" files instead.

I suppose the other fix would be to stop wanting to listen to Tesla, but at that point I might as well just get out and walk, right?

Karl Brauer, Edmunds.com Editor in Chief

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