2008 Ford Focus Long Term Road Test

2008 Ford Focus: Plug-In for Non-Syncable Items

April 23, 2009

Ford Focus Sync Ports

Our Ford Focus has been praised quite rightly for its Sync system. I too, enjoy the easy connections made with my iPod and cell phone.

However, despite this advanced electronics system, Ford was nice enough to include a traditional auxiliary audio jack in addition to the fancier USB port. This allows me to plug in my Samsung Helix portable XM radio and MP3 player. Yes, the Focus has Sirius, however, I own my XM player solely for the MLB play-by-play channels -- the only feature that didn't transfer over to Sirius in the satellite radio merger. And in case you're wondering, Sync is capable of controlling my Helix's MP3 files, but its XM stream is beyond Sync's comprehension.

Many cars with USB ports and iPod interfaces leave out the traditional auxiliary audio jack (Mercedes for example). But some provide both (Hyundai), or leave the regular aux jack behind to boost sound quality and iPod control via a dedicated double iPod cord. BMW, Ford Sync and the Cadillac CTS would be examples of this.

Either way, this baseball fan is thankful.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 18,511 miles

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