2008 Ford Focus Long Term Road Test

2008 Ford Focus: Joan Rivers and a Sable Wagon

April 03, 2008

Really old Focus keys -- Photo by James Riswick

Shorty after our long-term Ford Focus arrived a few months ago, Magrath and I had the following conversation regarding the Focus keys sitting on my desk (pictured).

Magrath: "Hey, have you seen the keys to the Focus?"

Me: "Yeah, they're right here."

Magrath: "Oh god. I was hoping those were to your Mom's '86 Sable wagon."

Do they open the doors? Yes, and I suppose that's all they need to do...

But this antiquated key and fob are indicative of an entire car created by the Joan Rivers school of automotive design. Unfortunately, a major facelift and some plastic chrome botox can't mask an aging car that screams in a raspy engine note: "I cut corners!"

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 4,250 miles

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