2008 Ford Focus Long Term Road Test

2008 Ford Focus: Her Hearing Not So Good

July 21, 2008


I admit that the reason I chose our 2008 Ford Focus as my car for this past weekend was that I wanted to play with its Sync system. It worked great with my phone and I had so much fun asking it to play certain songs and artists even if I didn't really want to hear those songs or artists. "Play this, play that" I said as I sat in the car in my driveway and then would giggle when the voice repeated back what I just said and then do what I told it to do. Neat!

But I noticed that when I was driving on the freeway, with windows up mind you, that its hearing wasn't so great. "Play artist Radiohead," I said. "Playing artist Madness," she replied. "Noooo," I whined. "Play artist RAY-DEE-OH-HED," I repeated. "Playing artist Madness," she replied again. Arrghh. I also tried yelling out my commands while annunciating but she'd still come back at me with something totally different or with four other possible options, none of which were close to what I requested. Finally, I just gave up and put on Sirius.

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor @ 10,485 miles

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