2009 Ford Flex Long-Term Road Test

2009 Ford Flex: A Few Images From the Road

August 10, 2010


As promised, here are a few images from the Wyoming road trip. I've got nothing on Walton's spectacular Oregon road trip documentation, but then I suppose central Wyoming has nothing on Southern Oregon. Above is a shot that's not even from Wyoming. This is in Provo Canyon (Highway 189) just Northeast of Provo, Utah. It's a good bypass around the more congested I-80/I-15 route through Salt Lake City. Scenery ain't bad, either.


In fact, this is largely how much of the Wyoming portion of the trip looks. There's a whole lot of nothing out there and after years spent in LA traffic, nothing is actually quite refreshing. This is Interstate 80 in Southwestern Wyoming. Those are giant windmills on the horizon. Lots of them.

Thumbnail image for Flex-family-haulers.jpg

Above is my tribute to family haulers -- past and present. And to modern tires, which I very much appreciated on this trip. One fact I can't ignore as I make road trips lately is how good modern vehicles truly are.

This was obvious as we traversed the 100-degree Mojave desert at 80 mph in climate-controlled comfort while ignoring the signs warning us to "Turn off air conditioning to avoid overheating." The kid, fully engrossed in a Barney DVD, was tucked safely in her five-point harness in the second row. Our luggage was secured with tie-downs and we were surrounded by airbag protection.

We were, when measured by the standards of even 20 years ago, neurotically safe. So much so, in fact, that we wondered out loud what our daughter is going to remember about road trips of her childhood. After all, the wife and I both have memories of inter-state trips where we were sat on the parcel shelves of sports car ranging from Porsche 911s to Opel GTs. There weren't even real seats back there, to say nothing of a child seat or seat belts. And we're still around to relive the novelty of it all.

Josh Jacquot, Senior editor

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