2012 FIAT 500 Long Term Road Test

2012 Fiat 500: Easiest to Park

June 21, 2011


Every now and then I'll note how easy a car is to park in my cramped backyard. Most cars require a six-point turn, while others require more. Our Fiat 500 is by far, the easiest car I've ever parked at Casahashi.

A four-point turn was all that was required to get it into that spot shown above (the Genesis coupe was not there at the time). Perhaps some might ask how our much maligned Smart Fortwo fared. Well, it also only needed a four-pointer to park, but the jumpy clutch response made it a thoroughly unpleasant affair.

I'm pretty sure the record goes to a Nissan Xterra, since I lost count after subjecting myself to an Austin Powers-like pickle.

Honestly, though, I think I could do it in a zero-point turn. I can get a little speed up in the driveway, yank the e-brake and perform an offset 180 into that spot. There's just that problem of flat-spotting the tires. Oh, and the possibility that it could all go horribly wrong as I plow into my motorcycle shed. It'd make a helluva video, though.

Mark Takahashi, Associate Editor

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