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2013 Dodge Dart: Range Anxiety

May 16, 2013

2013 Dodge Dart

When I hop in a car and adjust everything, I tend to prefer the steering wheel down a bit, where it feels more natural for someone like me with a shorter build. Although I appreciate that the Dart has both tilt and telescopic adjustments for the wheel, it just doesn't tilt down enough.

The total range of the wheel's adjustment is pretty stingy, only about 1.25 inches. After moving it all the way down, it was still about an inch shy of where I wanted it. It wasn't as awkward as this arm positioning mind you, just not as comfortable as what I've experienced in other small cars.

John DiPietro, Automotive Editor @ 9,796 miles


  • 2000_red_xj 2000_red_xj Posts:

    Raise the seat.

  • agentorange agentorange Posts:

    But that may put his legs out of kilter. I find many car don't fit me as I have long legs but relatively short arms. I have sat in many cars, fiddled with the seat and wheel for a few minutes then had to say "no sale" to the dealer. Many Mercedes models fit me perfectly as they tend to have the wheel closer than most.

  • fordson1 fordson1 Posts:

    Looks like it still has some of that Fiat bus steering wheel thang going on.

  • duck87 duck87 Posts:

    Raising the seat doesn't really work well either, because A) the seat is already too high and B) the pedals (especially the clutch, if you got the manual version) has HUGE travel.

  • bankerdanny bankerdanny Posts:

    The Dart doesn't have a tilt wheel, it has a height adjustable wheel. I assume the GN has an actual tilt wheel, which is to say the angle of the wheel changes as opposed to the wheel moving up and down, but the 'tilt' staying pretty much the same.

  • sb222 sb222 Posts:

    Agreed. I sat in one at the showroom when my car was being serviced. The wheel doesn't go down far enough. The seat is already high and raising it further makes for an uncomfortable driving position. The view out the windshield top-to-bottom seems narrow and therefore compromised. I would consider the car but this needs to be addressed first.

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