2002 BMW M3 Long Term Road Test

2002 BMW M3: Still Worth the Money

November 24, 2008


Couldn't resist taking the M3 for a nice long drive this weekend. Actually, I took the motorcycle out first, and after seeing how scenic and clear the roads were (who says there's no fall in California?), the M3 got the call the next day. Not sure I really need to go into all the reasons why this car rules, but here are a few.

It's six-years-old and has almost 65,000 miles on it, yet people still stop and stare at it.

I've driven it countless times over the past several months and I still stop and stare at it.

Its engine redlines at 8,000 rpm and it never sounds the least bit reluctant to get there.

The steering is still dead on, no free play, no looseness, nothing.

You can actually lean on the seat's side bolstering through a fast turn.

Yeah, it's not cheap to maintain, and wasn't exactly cheap to buy, but for me, this weekend, on this road, it proved why it's worth the money.

Ed Hellwig, Senior Editor @ 64,483 miles

Which one would you have taken first?


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