2009 BMW 7 Series Long Term Road Test

L, Buy, Abandon: BMW 7 Series

June 26, 2009

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Let's play a game. Does the car you've had your eye on rate a short fling with a no-strings-attached ending; is it worth a long-term commitment; or would you leave it by the roadside even if someone handed you the keys? The game is called Lease, Buy, Abandon.

The 7 Series has really come back around, getting away from the bulbous Bangle-butt styling to a cleaner, meaner look. So given your choice between the last three generations, which one would you lease, which would you buy, and which would you bury in the desert?

The E38 7 Series (1995-2001) was clean and swift, and was also the last 7 without iDrive.

The famed E65-68 7 Series got the brunt of a Bangle treatment, and just to kick it while it was down, the woeful first-gen iDrive.

The latest (F01) 7 Series is back in the game with svelte lines, serious stonk and an iDrive setup that works.

2000.bmw.7series.877-E.jpg 2006 BMW 7 Series.jpg 2009 BMW 7-Series.jpg

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