2009 BMW 7 Series Long Term Road Test

2009 BMW 750i: A Tale of Two Germans

September 16, 2009


Hey 750i -- we had a good thing going there for a while. You showed me things I'd never seen before with your sideview cameras. You had this way of making me feel important when I slid behind your wheel. And though I never really got into it, I thought it was really cool that you offered to tenderize my rump roast after a long day at the office.

You were everything I ever wanted in a luxury sedan. But then I met the S550, and it was like someone turned a giant spotlight on your flaws. That rough, herky-jerky attitude you've got when driving me around town? The S550 doesn't have any of that -- that baby is smooth, smooth, smooth. Compliant. Acquiescent. Luxurious. And the S550 also has a nicer cabin.

I'll still drive you whenever I can get my greedy little paws on your keys every now and then. But while doing so, I'll probably be thinking of the S550. Mentally comparing you two, and having you fall short.

Just thought you should know. Have a nice day!

Warren Clarke, Automotive Content Editor

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