2013 Honda Civic Sedan Revealed Ahead of 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

2013 Honda Civic Sedan Revealed Ahead of 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

2012 Los Angeles Auto Show


2012 Los Angeles Auto Show

Just the Facts:
  • The 2013 Honda Civic sedan, which debuts at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, gets a "more youthful" makeover, the automaker says.
  • The 2013 Honda Civic sedan goes on sale November 29.
  • Details include a new "open-mouth" lower bumper, a black honeycomb mesh grille and a new trunk lid.

TORRANCE, California — The 2013 Honda Civic sedan, which debuts at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, gets a "more youthful" makeover, the automaker says.

Honda released two images of the refreshed Civic sedan on Monday. The 2013 Civic sedan takes aim at the 2013 Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Hyundai Elantra.

Details include a new "open-mouth" lower bumper, a black honeycomb mesh grille and a new trunk lid. The front end of the Civic is more sculpted and features a more deeply faceted hood.

Honda promised a "collection of sharp new wheel designs," as well.

The 2013 Honda Civic sedan goes on sale November 29. Pricing and full details about the car will be announced on November 29, Honda said in a statement. The 2012 Honda Civic DX sedan starts at $16,745, including a $790 destination charge.

"The 2013 Honda Civic exterior refinements infuse Civic with a more youthful, premium style," said Vicki Poponi, American Honda assistant vice president of product planning, in a statement.

Edmunds says: Looks are as important as pricing and fuel economy in the small-car segment. Are the changes to the 2013 Honda Civic sedan compelling enough to bring more buyers into the fold?



  • cotak cotak Posts:

    So now it's a car with good engineering, bad design decisions but now with a body kit? Did they do a focus group and found their potential buyers are all stupid?

  • autosoc autosoc Posts:

    While exterior design is now critical for this segment, and the Civic 2.1 looks more cohesive, the major complaints were a cheapened interior, lack of cutting edge technology, excessive noise, weak brakes, and clumsy handing. If Honda did not address these issues, the Civic will remain a second class player.

  • ed124c ed124c Posts:

    I think most people were aghast by the poor interior. Why no mention of interior changes?

  • The exterior is bland but the interior is what all the reviewers were up in arms against. Curious to see how Honda refreshed the cabin.

  • tofu27 tofu27 Posts:

    Want a four-door tC? Look no farther! Honda has provided one for 2013, known as the Civic!

  • wdrg123 wdrg123 Posts:

    looks like an Accord and Camry.

  • lowenhardt lowenhardt Posts:

    So... their emergency refresh was to make it look like a mutant Accord?

  • formerly formerly Posts:

    If fuel economy, interior quality, and driving dynamics are class competitive, the Civic should be able to pull in more than just the people who buy a Honda because it's a Honda.

  • typesh typesh Posts:

    The front end is the most important change here. A great improvement for sure. However, it's more important to see what changes they made to the interior, which was the biggest step back for this Civic's redesign. If they can, at least, match the interior quality/design levels of the 2006 Civic, they may be on good footing.

  • tomanyt tomanyt Posts:

    Looks bland.

  • screwball71 screwball71 Posts:

    Looks to me like the other automakers have awaken the sleeping giant. Good luck Kia, Hyundai, Chevy, and yes, even Toyota. The Accord and now Civic are back. What are each of you going to do about it?

  • jpbran jpbran Posts:

    So weird. So that means the 2012 (with the 2003 Camry rear) will be a one-year car design? Any other examples of that?

  • bmwzimmer bmwzimmer Posts:

    Civic has a conservative exterior. However it appears the vast majority of Civic owners who aren't necessary automotive enthusiasts prefer the "play it safe" exterior over an overly aggressive/sporty/organic/etc.. design. It's an econo car for crying out loud. Does a normal audience for this kind of car need or want to drive a car that screams "Hey LOOK at me!!! or PLEASE look at me!!"?? It's a cheap econo car and doesn't try to be something it's not. Go look at the sales figures on this car and see how it's doing compared to any other compact sedan. It's #1 and #6 best selling car to date in the US. Not bad right? Now YES, The interior does have a lot of hard plastic (which makes it look cheap). However, it is well put together and appears to have good durability and quality. Sure other econo boxes have "softer materials" but let me know in 10 years how it's holding up. I'm pretty confident the Civic will hold up pretty good. That's why Honda's have higher resale values. Anyways, I've been told from a buddy with inside knowledge the interior materials have been tweaked along with a new backup camera and few other goodies... It'll remain the #1 seller for a little while longer.

  • noburgers_ noburgers_ Posts:

    All-new Civic for 2012, and one year later the design is "refreshed"? Sounds kind of deperate. Can anyone think of another example of a car refreshed after just one year? If Honda is listening to what people say, then why did it take so long to redesign the beak on the Acura TL?

  • contheon contheon Posts:

    Not long ago, Honda was a technology leader. Now they lag. Last to the party with direct injection and just introducing 6 speed automatics. And their focus is on style? Honda needs to start listening to their real customers. It's obvious the insiders are completely out of touch.

  • darthbimmer darthbimmer Posts:

    Spicing up the exterior helps a tiny bit, but the main reasons I passed up the 2012 Civic in favor of its competition was what it lacked on the inside.

  • What about the interior?

  • urbanxj urbanxj Posts:

    The exterior revisions look good, but the pressing question's whether or not they ditched that ridiculous 2-pod gauge cluster and those cheap interior plastics.

  • odd angles, and bland color on bland background. Hard to tell much about it.

  • hollowtek hollowtek Posts:

    loving the look :)

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  • Still one major question... what about the interior?

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  • karmogul karmogul Posts:

    A much needed design refresh...the competitors' design teams are eating Honda's lunch!

  • Please produce something like the late lamented affordable sporty cars Honda used to make and not another Corolla-clone.

  • dayne20071 dayne20071 Posts:

    It looks more sporty than thr Acura ILX, I will be surprise if it not a hit.

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