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Rick Hendrick Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Service Reviews

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  • Charleston, SC 29407 (map)
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Dealer has no plan for problems, you read and decide.

Written by ram15004x4 on 09/16/10 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Service reviews
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I recently purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram Quad Cab 4X4 brand new from this dealer. I was greeted very warmly and had a good experience on my purchase that first day but, that is where the story ended with good customer service. In the only 17 days I have owned my vehicle, it has been in the shop for 10 of those days, it all started when I drove off the lot and the steering wheel started shaking. I called the dealer and told them that I was having a problem with the steering, this took 4 calls to reach a person, the lady answering the phone took my message and told me she would give it to the service manager. This did not take place according to the manager rep Har. I than had it at the dealer for 4 days and they did not even offer me a replacement vehilce to drive just a ride home. Less than 24 hrs ownership. I was never called about the status to update me that it was done and after 3 days, I called 5 times in 3 hours and finally reached someone who said it looked done and that the truck was setting outside which usually means it is done. I arrived the following day to pick it up on the way home and the customer service area had went home. The salepeople not find my vehicle and I was told to come back the next morning. The next day, I went in and the CSR rep in the service area by the name of Curtis could not find my truck. After 40 minutes of searching, no keys could be found for my truck and it was uncertain where it was located, they were trying to contact the Service Rep- Harry to see if they could locate my vehicle, again no answer. I then went to find the saleperson Jeff and he was able to locate my truck after 15-20 minutes. What happened here should steer you away from this dealer. I told my story to the two salemen who were helping my locate Jeff and when they called for him, I stepped around the corner to wait and overheard them say to each other,"If he would split the deal with us, maybe we would help that guy.." The other salemen laughed as they looked out fronty for the next sucker because Mr. Hendrick has his name on something that does not represent he legacy. The customer should be number one and anytime there is a problem, it should be everyones problem. I was polite every time and I guess 12 years in the military saying Yes Sir and Thank You made me appear too nice to recieve good service. I am now in my 17th day of ownership. MORE BAD SERVICE. I took my vehicle that day and asked to speak to the manager, I was told he would contact me, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! No delivery satisfaction has contacted me either. I went to church the next day and I got out of the truck and the a man told me I had a nail in my tire, no big deal, I took it to a Firestone Dealer who was open and when they put it up on the rack, they called me out before they would touch my truck. ALL of my lugnutws were rounded off, the service tech showed me a new lug and explained that the 22mm socket would not fit and that it was a good thing I brought it in before my tire went flat because my lug wrench would have been useless/ ALSO the tire had 5 ounces of weight to balance which was unacceptable with their roadforce machine. Also, the lug lock that I had given them out of my glovebox was useless as the locks were not on the truck. Not offered a car to drive again, I was back because of they tore up and shorted my vehicle in their service center. No call after two days, I started calling the salemen and service rep and leaving messages. I paid 800 extra to have Michelin 20 inch tires. Way more issues, not paying off my vehicle that I traded in, Chase is harassing me and I Rick Hendrick Dodge lady twice a day, each day for the last 6 brings the promise of action but nothing to date. Alot of excuses from their first line personell but they don't have any escalation to leadership even when you ask, this tells me that it is commonplace to dodge(ALL PUN INTENDED) any of the non gladhanded customer such as myself. Big dealer so the glamour gets you in

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