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Do they just want your money,or are they trying to develop customer loyalty

Written by okgirl on 06/12/09 12:00:00 AM PDT Go back to Sales reviews
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We have driven Ravs for many years and loved them, so when M-B came out with their new 2010 GLK 350 which is just the size SUV I love, we were very intrigued and thought we might like to try it. We liked initially the sales reps at Inskip. They were not aggressive and seemed informed. And except for the fact that my young salesman kept adding "Dear" to his sales promotion to me, it was OK. The problem we encountered was after we ended up buying that night and taking home a new GLK 350. We knew it had a sunroof which I don't usually use, but I had no idea, and the salesman did not explain or even point out the peculiarities of this roof--IT NEVER CLOSES OFF THE SUN. Every other sunroof we have ever bought had a sliding panel which would completely block out the sun when needed. We drove the car home that night upon their insistence, having signed all the paper work, but with dealer plates. The next morning on my drive for coffee, I realized the mistake. The sun was beating down on my head and I could see the shadows of trees passing by over my head. I reached for the solid panel to pull across and block the hot sun, and found out there was none. I immediately went home and called the dealer. Their explanation was that I had bought a car with a "panoramic" sunroof, and that was that. From my perspective it was like buying a car with an automatic transmission, which only had 2 gears. After a couple days my calls to the dealership seemed to be making sense to them and me. I told them I needed to bring the car back, and get the same one without the sunroof, and since they still had not registered my car and I was using dealer plates, and the car just had the 20 miles I had driven home, I thought we had come to an understanding. Both the salesman and the financing person back at the dealership said they would be unable to own a car in which one could not close off the sunroof completely. But when we went to pick up our exchange car, they offered us one with none of the options which we had wanted. It was a stripped down model in which we would be paying the same monthly payment for a lot less car, so that they could reap the benefit of our having driven off the lot, and now could collect the $3,000 depreciation. While that last minute trick probably made sense to them, is that the way you would want to be treated or your family treated. They could have easily made back that $3,000 in our purchase of the E model in which my husband was interested; we wouldn't have known any the different, and they would have had a customer for life. But instead the manager seemed particularly happy that he had "got" us. This seemed simply like business as usual, so I want to warn future customers that they do not want to make loyal customers. They wanted our money. They did not want to give an inch. They fooled us into thinking that they understood the predicament we were in and told us what we wanted to hear so we would come in to "exchange" the cars. And when they got us back to the dealership, they tried to make us think the deal was the same because the payments were the same, only they had added on the depreciation of the other car to the less expensive car so the financed amount was the same, but now we were driving away with a stripped down model instead of one with many options. I really think they expected us to not notice the fact that they had added the depreciation to the note. Be warned that those who do business with them; they would rather take your money than stand behind their product and make a loyal customer out of you.

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