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Use this auto loan calculator to estimate your monthly car loan payment.

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1. Select a Car

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Tip: Vehicle sales prices are neogitable. Make sure you sinder the Invoice price and what other are paying (TMV) for the car in your area before making an offer.

2. Get Trade-In Value

See what your current car is worth.


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Tip: Get as much for your trade-in as possible to lessen your financed amount. Or consider selling the car yourself to put toward a down payment.

3. Enter Down Payment

Will you be putting any money down?

Will you be putting any money down?



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Tip: If you get a poor financing deal, then you should try putting more money down, because you'll pay less interest over the term of the loan.

4. Calculate Monthly Payment

Choose your financing.

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Tip: Don't be deceived by a low monthly payment ? your loan term may have been lengthened. The longer your loan term the more you will be paying in the long run.

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