2010 Volkswagen GTI Long-Term Road Test

2010 Volkswagen GTI: Open Sesame

June 24, 2010


OK, I didn't want to blog about this for fear of all the "You're an idiot" comments I'd get but Editor Scott Oldham thought it was blogworthy so here you go.

I had our 2010 Volkswagen GTI for the night, most of the office had already gone for the day and I was in the garage by myself about to load my gym bag into the back. I pressed the unlock button for the hatch and...nothing. I could hear the latch unlock but it didn't pop open. Not even a little bit. There was no grab handle or exterior unlock button...how the heck do I open this thing? I kept pressing the unlock button and saw the hatch door move just a tiny bit but not enough for me to pry it open. Blah!

Fortunately, Oldham was walking to his car parked nearby at that exact moment. "How do you open this?!" I cried, exasperated. He walked up to it, pushed on that VW logo and, oh, THERE'S the handle. "You should blog about that," he said as he walked away. Meh.


Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor @ 7,621 miles

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