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2013 Tesla Model S: Wrong Album Art for Podcasts

December 02, 2013

2013 Tesla Model S

Let's clear this up right away: I don't have any Adam and the Ants on my iPhone. I only have two of their albums on vinyl at home.

I first ran into the problem I'm about to describe when we tested Elon Musk's own Tesla Model S last year. It started soon after I paired my iPhone, being extremely careful not to delete Elon's in the process, and began streaming audio.

As I do today, I listened to a combination of music and podcasts. The system was great at displaying the appropriate album art when songs were playing, but it never could sort out podcasts. The screen was never blank; it always put up something. But it was always some album I didn't recognize from my own playlist.

I chalked it up to some weird prototype glitch.

Fast-forward to our own 2013 Tesla Model S and it's the same story. Music is fine, but a podcast playback never brings along the matching podcast logo from my phone like many other cars manage to do in streaming mode. Instead the Model S seems to be searching the cloud for the corresponding album art.

In this case it went out in search of Adam Carolla and came back with the next closest thing: Adam Ant.

Yeah, they're pretty much the same guy.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 12,586 miles

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