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2013 Tesla Model S: The Center Console (Or Lack Thereof)

May 20, 2013

2013 Tesla Model S

I don't understand the Tesla Model S's center console, or rather its lack of one. There's just a carpeted strip on the floor with little walls on the side. It's basically a gutter. Is this appealing?

Now, I can certainly see some appeal, in theory. My mother is the proud owner of the previous-generation Honda CR-V and loves that the open space between its seats is a perfect place to store her purse. She also likes how nice and open it makes the cabin feel.

However, that CR-V still has a large bin to securely store items, especially those of value you'd rather not leave out in the open. The Tesla has only a small shelf under the giant screen and an average-sized glovebox. The armrest also doesn't have any storage. There are two cupholders and that's it. Essentially, common in-car items like sunglasses, garage access cards or your phone go on the floor.

I'm not sure how the gutter is favorable to some sort of clever bin system that would include more and/or better cupholders? At the very least, couldn't such an alternative be an option?

As it is, do owners actually like the gutter? I just don't get it.

James Riswick, Automotive Editor @ 3,722 miles

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By motorstreet
on 05/20/13
7:17 AM PST

This might be the biggest problem with the Tesla's interior. It feels like your sitting in a minivan, because of the dashboard layout. Between the creaky dashboard, minivan layout, and poorly designed rear seats, this is definitely not a luxury car's interior. Just because Tesla says it's a luxury car doesn't make it a luxury car.

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By stoneymonster
on 05/20/13
8:29 AM PST

I quite like it. Tesla (and some third party folks) are selling drop in consoles for folks that want one. Shrug. Creaky dashboard? Mine doesn't creak and I've never heard of one that does.

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