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2013 Tesla Model S: Superchargers or eHarmony

November 15, 2013

2013 Tesla Model S

I'm going to make a guess here, but it seems entirely possible that parking your Tesla Model S at a shiny new Tesla supercharger station could be a great way to meet people you'd like to date.

That is, of course, assuming you're in a position to want to date somebody. But would you not agree that these stations are ripe with opportunity? You pull up. A couple minutes later a rather attractive man or woman (whatever suits your fancy) pulls up in the next bay. Now, you've both dropped close to $100,000 on your very much niche-oriented car. I think you've got something in common. You wave and smile, she waves and smiles back. While your car is charging, you walk over to the Starbucks nearby to grab a cappuccino. She naturally follows suit. You have a moment there.

See, it's eHarmony, sponsored by Tesla. For free, no less.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor @ 11,713 miles

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By noburgers
on 11/15/13
3:58 PM PST

ooo caption contest how we miss you You can almost feel the electricity between yourselves. You got a charge out of her, but she finds you revolting....

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By donszr1
on 11/16/13
8:56 AM PST

You are incorrect, there are at least as many women driving these. The ones I've spoken with just love them because they are quiet and there are no trips to those yucky gas stations.

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By dunning15
on 11/16/13
10:00 AM PST

I have never seen more wasted articles than some of these Tesla ones. This is completely worthless. Tells us nothing about the car. Then again, this is Internet writing, not Journalism. I probably have too high of expectations.

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