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2013 Tesla Model S: Real World Range

March 29, 2013

2013 Tesla Model S

On Friday afternoon I jumped in our long-term 2013 Tesla Model S and headed home for the weekend. The car was fully charged and its instrument cluster told me it was packing 251 miles of range.

I never plugged it in over the weekend, and on Monday morning the Tesla and I arrived back at Edmunds HQ after 87.6 miles of driving. At this point the car's instrument cluster was telling me it was packing only 65 miles of range, so my 88 miles of driving used 186 miles worth of battery range.

Hmmmmm. Admittedly I'm no hypermiler and all of the 88 miles were in the city, but at that rate the car's true range is in the neighborhood of 120 miles.

Scott Oldham, Editor in Chief @ 1,901 miles

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By nanostream
on 03/29/13
7:45 PM PST

Seriously....someone drive down there and show this guy how to use the car. I've had my MS since the middle of December and have never lost this kind of range through sub 30 and 40 degree Boston weather for the last two months. You would not have been fully charged at standard charge (~237-242 miles) or range charge (~ 260-265) so exactly what are you doing? It's tiring listening to qualified car jocks that become terminally stupid when they get into an electric car. Give a detailed account of exactly what you did to get such uncommon numbers instead of a half-ass blog comment that obviously paints a false negative picture of the car. I'm no fanboy, but "willful blindness" is an unacceptable way to review a car.

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By cerjor
on 03/29/13
6:31 PM PST

This is in complete disagreement with my experience. I have a Model S with the 85 Kwh battery. I have never had a problem driving 200+ miles on a single charge. From what I hear from other owners they have not had problems with getting a range of at least 200+ miles either.

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By stoneymonster
on 03/29/13
5:47 PM PST

I don't know what the issue with your particular car is. But I and many other owners have driven well over 200 miles often, and with range to spare without doing anything special. The real-world range is most definitely *not* 120 miles, unless you were driving 100 mph+ the whole time with the heater on full blast. So something is up here.

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