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2013 Tesla Model S: Noise Is Gone

November 11, 2013

 2013 Tesla Model S

Our long-term 2013 Tesla Model S had a disconcerting, warbly-grindy noise. Subsequently, its electric drive unit was identified by the dealer as the source of the noise (bearings? Motor?), and so was replaced under warranty.

I can report that the noise is now gone. The car is back to its usual, uncommonly silent self, nearly as quiet when in motion as it is when parked at the curb.

Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor

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By mfennell
on 11/11/13
2:04 PM PST

@fordson1: You seem quite displeased with the the editorial team at this site. You should demand a refund.

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By jkavanagh
on 11/11/13
11:55 AM PST

Just as a general FYI, our posts here don't go live as soon as they're written. There is a delay between submission and go-live, and the delay can vary in duration (sometimes weeks depending on post volume, other factors). In this case I'd submitted the post before the previous post on the noise subject went live (& hence came to my attention).

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By fordson1
on 11/11/13
7:40 AM PST

"I can report that the noise is now gone." Somebody else already reported that the noise is now gone. What he could not report to us is WHY the noise is now gone, and now a week later you apparently can't either. In the other guy's defense, he is the vehicle testing manager, but at least he posed the question to Tesla. You are the engineering editor. Something like this would apparently be within the purview of an engineering editor - ?

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